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Measuring Procurement Practice Maturity: The Periodic Table of Analytics

Procurement is a process standing at the intersection of multiple functions like finance, supply chain, category managers, business end users, etc. Therefore procurement leaders are always facing challenges with the humungous amount of data that is collected. Therefore to navigate this landscape we’ve introduced a Procurement analytics landscape to navigate through the data and identify the right use cases.

In this eBook, we’ve briefed the topics discussed in our webinar on Unlocking the power of procurement analytics. We cover topics including:

The 5-step Framework for Procurement Analytics

  • Procurement Periodic Table
  • Identifying the right use cases
  • The attributes and roadmap to procurement analytics

Based on the assessment and findings we guide you with a practical map that is built to take the proficiency of the prioritized use case to the next level based on where you start.

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Procurement Analytics
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