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Consumer durables industry: Set to achieve double-digit growth

In a world where Consumer Durable companies are figuring out how to win in this new digital world, it is important to take the right action at the right time by investing in AI tools, market analytics, and a data-centric approach to operations. Increasing competition and changing customer behaviour have put companies in a position to adopt emerging technologies to reduce inefficiencies in their supply chain system.

The question revolves around what’s the right action at right time. 

Through this e-Book, we will do an in-depth analysis of how leaders in Tech and Durables can survive and thrive in the near future. And that innovative companies will use data and analysis-based intelligence to manage pitfalls and exploit opportunities.

Winning consumer durable companies will be those who capitalize on analytical capabilities to keep pace with the digital consumer. In this eBook, we have put together detailed insights about the Consumer Durables industry to help you discover: 

  • State of the CPG Industry
  • Economic Outlook for Consumer Durables Industry
  • Key Imperatives to Earn Consumer Trust
  • What’s Next for Consumer Durables Industry in 2025
  • Scope of Data & Analytics across Supply Chain
  • Advantages through Data & Intelligence 
Consumer Durables Industry
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