Alcoholic beverage functional capabilities with Analytics & Data Management Solutions

    Client : Alcoholic beverage Giant
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    Problem Statement Problem Statement

    The client was facing challenges integrating all the varied data sources and giving a 360-degree view to the Sales, Supply Chain, Operations, Risk and Commercials Stakeholders. Also, the data volumes grew exponentially, their data warehouse encountered performance and scalability limitations.

    Key Challenges Key Challenges
    • Disconnected and silos data leading to difficulties in decision making
    • Data discrepancies, duplicates, and inconsistencies
    • Performance and scalability issues due to exponential growth of data volumes
    • User adoption was significantly low and business buy-ins were less
    • Complex heterogenous architecture, hence high maintenance cost
    Solution Implemented Solution Implemented
    • Setting up the Data Platform Architecture on Azure Cloud Environment starting with sales KPIs
    • Building Power BI solutions for commercial, supply chain & operations function
    • Integration of multiple sources to bring in Operational and Supply chain data points
    • Developing Risks and Audits reporting systems
    Architecting with the Best Tech Stack
    • Microsoft
    • Azure
    • Power BI
    • SQL
    Any Challenges ?
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    Business Impact
    • 97% Reduction in Reports TAT
    • 12+ Analytics Application Delivered
    • 200+ Entities integrated end-to-end with Azure and more
    Project Timeline
    • Ongoing Project

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