Sales Planning
    Analyze and actualize your business progress and move towards success

    In a dynamic market, there is a need to curate powerful sales & marketing strategies to monitor outcomes and make quicker, more informed decisions. drive. Polestar Solutions helps you to stand out in your pursuit of Sales & Marketing excellence with our innovative planning methods.

    Let us give you a walkthrough of our Sales & Marketing planning process:

    Sales & Marketing planning process
    Sales & Marketing Management
    Sales & Marketing Performance Management
    • Identify key touchpoints throughout the customer journey to optimize marketing efforts and enhance customer experience.
    • Analyze customer behavior and interactions across multiple channels to understand their preferences and tailor targeted campaigns.
    • Utilize advanced data analytics techniques to predict sales and revenue with high precision, enabling effective resource allocation and strategic decision-making.
    • Monitor and analyze historical sales data, market trends, and external factors to continuously refine and improve sales forecasting models.
    • Implement multi-touch attribution models to accurately attribute revenue and conversions to specific marketing campaigns, channels, and touchpoints.
    • Analyze and compare the effectiveness of different marketing channels and campaigns, enabling data-driven optimization and budget allocation for maximum ROI.
    • Use data mining and predictive analytics to identify emerging market trends, customer preferences, and purchasing patterns to inform strategic planning and product development.
    • Conduct comprehensive data analysis to uncover hidden insights and patterns, enabling proactive decision-making & the identification of new growth opportunities.
    Our Sales & Marketing action areas
    Our Sales & Marketing action areas
    Why Polestar Solutions?
    Our solutions to empower your Sales team
    Sales Performance Management
    Sales Performance Management
    Commercial Revenue Planning
    Commercial Revenue Planning
    Trade Promotion Planning
    Trade Promotion Planning
    Elevate Your Sales and Marketing Planning for Strategic Growth
    Elevate Your Sales and Marketing Planning for Strategic Growth
    • Strengthen alignment and collaboration between sales and marketing teams for cohesive planning and execution.
    • Optimize sales and marketing strategies through robust planning and budgeting capabilities.
    • Gain real-time visibility into sales and marketing performance metrics for data-driven decision-making.
    • Scalable and Agile Platform to Adapt to Changing Sales and Marketing Dynamics.
    Client Success Stories
    Streamline sales data collection and Reporting system with MSBI and Power BI

    Fastest growing food delivery brand in India revamped their sales analytics application to decrease the reporting TAT.

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    • 90%

      Reduction in Sales Reports processing time

    • 2230

      Daily reduction in number of man hours

    Resolved Sales data challenges with Microsoft Azure and Power BI stack

    Leading multi-national alcoholic beverages firm sorted their data accumulation and commercial reporting issues by migrating from On-premise to cloud

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    • 50%

      Reduction in the sales report load and refresh times

    • 20%

      Reduction in the execution of Sales processes.

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