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    The Global Big Data & Business Analytics Market is expected to grow USD 446.42 Billion by the end of 2025 at a CAGR of 15.07%

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    99% of all businesses in the US-find themselves lagging behind when it comes to the adoption of platforms that enable proper leverage of data

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    75% of executives plan to accelerate digital transformation, including an emphasis on moving to cloud (26% increase compared to pre-covid)

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    5 step Approach to Analytics Adoption Infographics
    • Identify: We begin by understanding your existing analytics setup and your specific business objectives. We collaborate closely to refine your goals and align them with your vision.
    • Establish: We optimize your analytics infrastructure, refining data processes, deploying advanced tools, and assembling an expert team.
    • Prove: Through practical pilot projects and data-driven insights, we demonstrate how analytics can solve your real-world challenges, delivering tangible value and ROI.
    • Scale: Expand and integrate analytics solutions across various departments, ensuring a consistent and company-wide adoption for maximum impact.
    • Transform: Seamlessly embedding analytics insights into day-to-day decision-making processes. This empowers your organization to foster a data-driven culture.
    Still dealing with the following challenges?
    Still dealing with the following challenges?
    • Alignment with business objective
    • Shortage of data analytics skills.
    • Complex data integration challenges.
    • Data privacy compliance hurdles.
    • Resistance to data-driven decision-making.
    • Cost management for analytics tools.
    • Slow data processing and load times.
    • Limited faith in Data Analytics system
    • ROI measurement ambiguity.
    What we do as part of Analytics Adoption exercise
    End-User Enablement
    End-User Enablement

    Our techno-functional subject matter experts facilitate interactive workshops, engaging with end-users to grasp their challenges and provide practical training resources.

    Persona-Specific Analytics
    Persona-Specific Analytics

    We recognize the significance of delivering precise data to the appropriate users when it's needed. Through our services, our goal is to reduce information overload, enabling swift and accurate decision-making.

    Data Visualisation Strategy
    Data Visualisation Strategy

    We deliver easy to use analytics dashboards and reports designed in accordance with the visual design principle that delivers on-the-fly & timely information.

    Diagnostic Analytics
    Diagnostic Analytics

    Our personalized diagnostic analytics approach delves into your historical data to uncover patterns and root causes of past performance issues. This empowers data-driven decision-making and proactive problem-solving to boost your future results.

    Plugins & Accelerators
    Plugins & Accelerators

    Our team of specialists have devised extensions and tools that provide pre-built functionalities to expedite implementation, enabling you to reap benefits quickly.

    Embedded Analytics Approach
    Embedded Analytics Approach

    With our embedded analytics approach, we try to deliver intuitive & self-service analytics experience to the users, typically in a format and an environment that they are accustomed with.

    Featured success study
    India's Largest Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management with QlikView Analytics

    India's largest airport concessionaire is upgrading its infrastructure and efficiency by switching to QlikView, a leading analytics solution, to replace legacy systems.

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    • 98%

      Improvement in data accuracy with QlikView adoption

    • 97%

      Reduction in reload time to 36 minutes (from 9.5 hours)

    • 90%

      Reduction in RAM usage and reload-time

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