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Analytics Adoption Services

Analytics adoption services

We aim to enable every organisation to identify, capture, unify & analyse data crucial for their business decision making

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The value of data and its analysis for strategic business advantages, has been common knowledge for years now. Still, lower adoption and unrealised ROI expectations have riddled enterprises.

While the emergence of self-service and SaaS-based offerings have added agility and taken these platforms closer to business executives, yet there are some unaddressed issues. The resounding complaints of ‘something missing from these reports’ still exist and in abundance

With our years of dedicated approach to customer serving, we have dealt with such adoption challenges both at traditional, large & complex setups as well at fast-paced, new-age ventures.

A Framework To Evaluate Business Priorities & Objectives:

Answers to – what is in it for me, what would be the timelines & the future plans. Communicating these objectives keeps everyone apprised and helps in getting their buy-in.

Answers to – how can we use it, how can I collaborate. Business users would want to be completely enabled with the platform and develop a familiarity & gain a certain level of confidence.

Evaluate Business Priorities

Answers to - why should I change, why should I use a tool. Stating the objectives, in the beginning, challenges the status-quo with logical reasoning and acts as a guiding light.

Answer to - where to access the application, where to access certain reports. The priority should be to make it easily accessible to the users with simpler & familiar interface.

What We Do As Part Of Analytics Consulting Exercise

End-User Enablement

Our techno-functional SMEs conduct interactive and engaging workshops with end-users to understand their pain-areas and enable them with hands-on training, ‘How to resources.

Persona-Specific Analytics

We understand the importance of delivering ‘Right Data’ at the ‘Right Time’ to the ‘Right Users’. With our services, we intend to eliminate information overload for agile and accurate decision-making.

Visualisation Consulting

We deliver easy to use analytics dashboards and reports designed in accordance with the visual design principle that delivers on-the-fly & timely information.

Analytics CoE

Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) offers an innovative collaboration opportunity, wherein you can have dedicated sessions with our team of experts across various data disciplines and identify on what’s best for you.

Plugins & Accelerators

Our team of experts have put their brains to come up with plug-ins & tools that offer out of the box capabilities to accelerate the implementation so that you start reaping the benefits sooner.

Embedded Analytics Approach

With our embedded analytics approach, we try to deliver intuitive & self-service analytics experience to the users, typically in a format and an environment that they are accustomed with.

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