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CFO Cockpit

CFO Cockpit: A Complete Financial Analysis & Reporting Solution

Streamline Financial Analysis & Reporting to present a comprehensive picture to your decision makers.

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It takes months to first brainstorm on what-to-build & how-to-visualise crucial financial insights and then actually implement it. To counter such inefficiencies, our team of financial experts have put in their combined effort to come-up with CFO Cockpit. CFO Cockpit on Qlik is a comprehensive, ready-to-use analytics solution that is custom fit for all your financial analytics needs. The solution helps finance heads to create rich interactive reports in a few minutes and get a look at the health of their business in near real-time, identify any operational bottlenecks & easily collaborate with all the stakeholders involved.

Key Benefits CFO Cockpit Offers

Key Benefits

Increased efficiency through Standardized Reporting & Automation


Intuitive & interactive visualizations to improve broader organizational performance


Driving business foresight with scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis & contingency planning


Increased frequency of forecasting and risk assessment results in faster course correction

Our solution helps decision makers in answering any business specific query along with keeping a bird-eye view of the business. It is distinctly categorised in 5 crucial modules:

  • Financial Analysis Financial Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis Ratio Analysis
  • Account Receivables Analysis Account Receivables Analysis
  • Account Payables Analysis Account Payables Analysis
  • Financial Projections Financial Projections

What The Solution Guarantees?

Timely Deployment

Timely Deployment

Success Rate

100% Success Rate

Data Security

Data Security

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

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