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Chaplin AI

Chaplin AI: Empowering Analytics Consumption

An AI Powered Chatbot, Bringing Analytics At Your Fingertips


Even though the analytics platforms have significantly clawed their way across enterprises, its adoption still hovers at around 32% as per latest Gartner Survey. The present-day analytics platforms are designed keeping in mind the comfort of business users but has not been able to integrate itself in day-to-day operations.

The convenience of conversation with a team member or a well-informed analyst is still unmatched.

This is where an AI based chatbot - Chaplin AI makes it presence felt, it returns answers to your conversational queries enabling last mile analytics delivery through higher engagement & shorter analysis cycle.

Chaplin AI: Key Features

Smart assistant that understands natural language

Data At fingertips of Business Users in a format they want

Integration with your most familiar App for increased adoption

Support for KPIs Level Alerts to notify users quickly

Chaplin AI Workflow

Chaplin AI Workflow

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Chaplin AI: Key Benefits Delivered

Ease of Use

Easy to use interface, opens Mobile App with a single tap. The UI is very similar to your most commonly used messaging app.

Increased User Engagement

Very natural conversation style that leads to an engrossing and engaging conversation full of business insights.

Maximized Analytics ROI

By increasing the user adoption and shortens the analysis cycle with quick answers to your business queries

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