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Azure Data Lake

What is data lake as a service? Its benefits and how it works?

Data lake as a service is a business solution that enables organizations to create safe, secure, & govern data lakes, protecting your data wherever it's stored.

What do you understand by Data Lake as a Service?

An organization can use a data lake as a service without installing or maintaining the technology themselves. As well as making data easily accessible by those who need it, it also protects it against cyberattacks, as it allows organizations to secure data (structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data) on cloud infrastructure.

What are the benefits of Data Lake as a Service?

By outsourcing the management of your data lakes to an experienced managed service provider, your business can benefit from features and services such as:

  • Platform Selection - Not all cloud data lake platforms are the same, so choosing the one that is right for your organization is crucial. As an example, Polestar cloud data lake services include consultations on how and where your cloud data lake should be established.

  • Support & Maintenance - You don't have to worry about hardware, software, security, or compatibility. As part of this service, all these elements will be set up and maintained in the future.

  • A data lake on-premises has unlimited storage space and hardware availability, which needs to be balanced when operating as an on-premises solution. A data lake as a service, on the other hand, guarantees unlimited storage capacity - you only pay for what you use as a service.

  • An effective backup program is critical for preventing data loss with any data storage solution. You can rely on a full backup of your data with data lake as a service.

  • Cloud-based data lakes enable you to leverage modern analytics tools to analyze your data. With tools such as advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the data science team at Polestar can help you get the most out of your data.

  • Exactly how does Data Lake-as-a-Service work?

    Data lakes are usually deployed in the cloud because of easy scalability for large data volumes, inexpensive storage, and the increasing amount of raw big data generated in the cloud from sources such as sensors, mobile apps, and social media. In a cloud environment, learning, installing, and maintaining the complex software used for data lakes can be challenging.

    Data Lake as a Service comes with pre-built cloud services that abstract the complexity of infrastructure layers and platforms, allowing a company to use a data lake without installing or maintaining the technology themselves. Due to the emerging nature of this category, the specific software and services offered by vendors vary greatly. Common capabilities include automated provisioning, scalable data storage, and a simplified management interface. Additionally, Data Lake-as-a-Service providers have different features that cater to different use cases. The Data Lake-as-a-Service from Polestar offers end-to-end security along with data movers that simplify encrypting, moving, and loading data.

    Get the most out of your data lake faster

    The deployment of a data lake as a service makes a potentially time-consuming, expensive, and complicated process considerably easier, faster, and more cost-effective. By using a data lake as a service provider, your organization can benefit from real-time, accessible data, which can be turned into valuable insights that drive informed decision-making.

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