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Azure Data Lake

What is Azure Synapse? (Need and How?)

Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings enterprise data warehousing & Big Data analytics. Look at its components and functionalities.

Meaning of Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse is a relentless analytics service that combines Big Data analytics and enterprise data warehousing. It provides you the freedom to query data on your terms, using either provisioned or server-less resources at scale. Azure Synapse unites these two worlds together with a blended experience to ingest, manage, prepare, and serve data for immediate Business Intelligence and machine learning needs. At its core, Azure synapse takes several existing parts of Azure and wraps them together under a single unified banner, and backs it with a robust and scalable data processing engine. Azure Synapse gives us a single suitable product that can repeatedly ingest data from data lakes, data warehouses, relational databases, and non-relational databases.

How does Azure Synapse work?

Azure Synapse Analytics is a one-stop-shop analytics solution that offers the following capabilities:

  • The dedicated pool of SQL Servers, known as Synapse SQL, is the backbone for the entire analytics data storage; these provide the necessary infrastructure for implementing a data warehouse under its hood. Enables engineers to execute T-SQL queries native to their existing experience.

  • It also enables empowerment with the serverless model for unplanned or ad-hoc workloads by using data virtualization. It allows unlocking insights from their data stores without going through the formal setting up of a data warehouse.

  • ETL and data integration capabilities from disparate sources using Synapse Pipelines enable the organization to churn the data efficiently for warehousing and analytical purposes. The reusable workflows and Pipeline orchestration capabilities are easy to adapt. The support for big-data compute services such as HDInsight for Hadoop and DataBricks make this a more powerful ETL tool.

  • Enable the development of big-data workloads and machine learning solutions with Apache Spark for Azure Synapse. This platform processes big data workloads by enabling massively scalable high-performance-compute resources. SparkML algorithms and Azure ML integration make it a complete solution for training machine learning workloads.

  • Deliver real-time operational analytics from operational data sources using Synapse Link.

  • Why do you need Azure synapse?

    With deep integration and delivery expertise across numerous industries, Azure Synapse help users quickly uncover the value from their data with cloud-scale analytics. Here's why you need it.

  • Competitive differentiation using data: Infuse data and algo's within business processes, and employee and consumer experiences.

  • Modernize analytics and BI systems: Leverage modern techs to continue to offer value throughout your business.

  • Self-service data and analytics: Use data as an asset and apply analytics at scale to drive high-value use cases.

  • Free data across legacy systems: Provide end-users with timely access to high-quality data and the ability to use their tool of choice.

  • Gain instant clarity: Obtain the freshest data possible from your operational systems at every moment.

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