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Amplified Sales

Amplified Sales Productivity By 67% Through An Automated Sales Process Top Indian Tobacco Manufacturer

About The Client

Our client is a tobacco manufacturer headquartered in India. The products manufactured by our client are divided into three line of business - Cigarettes; Confectionary; Chews.

We amplified Sales Productivity by 67% through an automated Sales Process and a Real-time Performance App.


Back in 2018, their sales leadership realized that it was time when their sales team needed to be empowered with a system-based automated sales management process as well as a comprehensive sales performance tracking system. Faced with such challenges, they partnered with Polestar Solutions to build a comprehensive sales enablement platform that would empower them through – automated planning and forecasting process, real-time sales insights, system-based sales playbooks and seamless collaboration.

Client Speaks

To us, it was strikingly axiomatic that our next sprint of sales" growth was much dependent on how successfully we were able to improve the sales productivity, efficiency and effectivenes”

- Vice President, Sales.

Underlying Practices

Being one of the leading tobacco manufacturers, our client attributes much of its top-line growth to their Sales function. Dealing in fast-selling manufactured products, the client's sales organization engages a whopping large team of sellers and business and channel partners – which comprises a hierarchy of Sales Managers, Team Leads, 18K+ Sales Executives. 100K+ Wholesalers Distributors and innumerable Retailers. With growth in sales, the immensity also brought with it inherent challenges such as – keeping a tab on sales productivity, fostering collaboration and ensuring that the sales processes were followed consistentl.

Also according to Gartner’s research, across industries, close to 30-50% of sales rep’s time is spent in non-core activities that are less productive in nature. Although, towards the lower side of this figure, their sales team was not untouched with this factual inhibitor. Erratic sales quota achievement was another challenge the sales leadership had to meet head on. In a bid to elicit the ground-level realities, their sales management team interacted with our sales teams and identified the below major challenges:

Key Challenges

Implementation & Strategy

Polestar’s team internalized the challenges and seller’s needs and contemplated a comprehensive solution that addresses the below solution principles:

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    User-Centricity: to keep sellers’ needs user journeys at the centre while designing automated sales processes

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    Flexibility: to meet both current and future needs of the sales teams

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    Adaptability: to cater to changes in not only the sales team structure but also the sales processes- in response to market needs

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    Faster time to market – to deliver what sales teams needed in a shorter span of time, to reap early benefits

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    Modern experience and Mobile enabled – to deliver a product that’s lovable and meets sellers’ needs anywhere and anytime

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    Bolstered by these principles, the team at Polestar took a product-centric approach to deliver a much awaited solution.

Key Impacts

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