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Power BI enables Life Insurance Company to accelerate time to insights by 40%

Power BI enables Life Insurance Company to accelerate time to insights by 40%

Business impact
  • The time required to obtain insights significantly decreased by 40%.
  • Increase adoption of dashboards and insights by 60%
  • Cultural-shift in decision-making from gut-driven to data-backed
Project Timeline
  • The first set of deliverables implemented in 3 weeks

Client: Life Insurance Company

Problem Statement

The client currently lacked efficient reporting and dashboarding processes due to the complexities and restrictions of an on-premise business analytics platform. Their irregular reporting practices combined with the lack of a solid architectural support have started to impact their business performance, emphasizing the necessity for a streamlined and comprehensive reporting solution.

Key Challenges
  • Lack of streamlined workflows for creating dashboards and reporting
  • Multiple hierarchies on the on-premises platform impeding the drill-down capabilities
  • Limited ability to thoroughly explore and analyze data for informed decision-making
  • Irregular reporting practices in place causing delays and inaccuracies in decision-making and efficiency optimization
Solution Framework
  • Created a solid foundational architecture based on Azure and combined it with Power BI for seamless data flow and reporting.
  • Designed dashboards for multiple spectra of business users with advanced interactive capabilities like drill-down for geographics and demographics, etc.
  • Specialized actionable dashboards within the Azure + Power BI solution to provide leadership and CXOs with a clear understanding of the sales and distribution department's performance.

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