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Top Data Science Provider in India
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Analytics India Magazine Features Polestar Solutions as One of The Top Data Science Providers In India

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Polestar Solutions has been recognized as one of the leaders in the 'Top Data Science Providers in India 2022 Penetration & Maturity (PeMa)' report. The study was undertaken by prominent publication Analytics India Magazine (AIM). The company's placement amongst the Growth sub-index category recognizes the significant volume of high-value, advanced analytics work it delivers to clients in various sectors.

In the context of a heavily competitive landscape, the Growth sub-index considers the percentage growth of a company over the last financial year and the estimated CAGR of the company in the coming five years. The report also considers clients added over the last year and its competitors in the market. Moreover, organizations offering pure-play analytics services saw significant growth in their analytics team sizes. Polestar Solutions has seen most of its growth from its existing customer base, therefore scoring well on Customer confidence, producing high-value insights for the clients.

Polestar Solutions applies its data engineering, BI, digital analytics, data science, and AI capabilities to solve business challenges across a wide array of functions. The company has skills and capabilities across the full analytics lifecycle.

AIM's PeMa Quadrant serves as an important industry benchmark to measure key parameters of leading analytics service providers in India, specifically in terms of penetration and maturity. It considers the competing players in India's data science providers ecosystem and how they are stacked against each other on maturity and penetration. The study is in-depth research of the data science market and aims to give an overview of the relative positions of various competitors.


Read the complete report here - https://bit.ly/3ThXLbi

About Polestar Solutions

Polestar Solution is an IT consulting firm leading analytics and technology services company. We help large corporations drive better decisions and performance. Our customer-centric approach delivers impactful business results by leveraging data, technology, and expertise. Spreading across geographies worldwide, we successfully deploy our services and aptly leverage analytics for scale. Thus, we create success stories across industries like retail, CPG, Manufacturing, BFSI, and more. To know more about us, let's connect.

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