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Repercussions Of Covid 19 Crisis On The IT ITeS Services

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving some major ramifications in the technology sector; most organizations have turned their business continuity plans (BCPs) across the globe. Business activity has either slowed down or come to a standstill as countries have imposed lockdowns, social distancing norms and travel restrictions.

Indian IT & ITeS industry, accounting for 8% of India’s GDP, has also been influenced due to lockdown in global and domestic markets.

Read to find out:

  • Impacted areas and areas of focus for technology
  • Managing working capital, cash runway and cost optimization
  • Enterprise security and employee productivity during WFH Opportunities & way forward for India’s IT & ITeS industry
  • Accelerate reskilling needs for the future of work agenda
  • Driving digital transformation
  • Consolidation and M&A opportunities

Further, this whitepaper also covers the unprecedented opportunities in the Indian IT & ITeS sector galvanizing digital transformation for global commerce and trade. And how organizations should plan and prepare to seize the opportunities resulting from the tectonic technological shifts post this pandemic.

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