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Customer Analytics: Understand Your Customer's Changing Behavior

In today's testing time, customer analytics is not just critical for success, but also to plan for the next normal. Since the pandemic, customers have become more selective in their buying, as if the factors many like social media, financial uncertainty, groupism were not enough. Cracking customer journey has become paramount for survival and success - be it acquisition, expansion or retention. Every time potential or existing customers interact with you, they leave some data. Map buyer journeys and optimize your omnichannel strategies. Join us to not just know some success stories but also witness a live demo to know how you can employ Customer Analytics. Takeaways: Customer Analytics use cases across FMCG/CPG, Retail, Food & Beverage and Wine & Spirit industry Strategy for mapping customer experiences and implementing customer analytics Live application - Customer Analytics
Customer Analytics Understand Your Customer's Changing Behavior
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Saurabh Singh Senior Vice President & Head Industry Solutions
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