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Analytics Driven Crisis Management

Due to lockdowns because of COVID-19, organizations are deviating from their annual budgets and a cascading impact is seen on the productivity of the sales force.

In this webinar, we have showcased analytics applications that can help the Business Leaders and team managers derive insights on team performance, discover opportunities that can be maximized, and take corrective measures.

In this Webinar, we have covered:

  • Scenario analysis for Sales capacity planning
  • Its cohesive impact on P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Adjustment, Allocations, and Projections all within the same.
Analytics Driven Crisis Management
Watch the Webinar
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Mr Chetan Alsisaria – CEO & Co-founder Mr Varun Garg – Vice President - Data & Analytics Guest Speakers: Mr Martin Kostic – Founder & CEO @ Inphinity Mr Radomir Starzyczný – Business Leader @ Inphinity
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