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TimeXtender Partner for Seamless Data Engineering

TimeXtender Partner for Seamless Data Engineering

Encode holistic data integration into your systems and automate your data solutions 10X faster!

Why use TimeXtender for Data Integration and Automation?

TimeXtender is a holistic, metadata-driven solution for data integration and processing. It focuses on agility instead of fragmentation to build future-proof data solutions that reduce development costs by 70%-80%.

TimeXtender for Data Integration and Automation
  • Foundational layer to simplify data integration, management and governance tasks.
  • Complete orchestration of workflows and data
  • Metadata storage and maintenance for each data asset and object within the framework
  • 360 visibility into data for access, reliability, and usability assurance
  • Data catalog for easy identification and access to data assets.
  • Impact Analysis to easily realize the effects of changes made to data sources
  • Automated features to monitor, detect, and resolve data quality issues
  • Real-time alerts for data quality issues, failed executions, or rule violations
  • Data validation with enforceable rules to ensure data standards and quality
  • Auto-generated codes for data cleansing, validation, and transformation
  • Drag and drop function for faster computation and easy UX
  • Visual interfaces, pre-built templates, and logic to reduce coding errors
  • Developer tools, separate testing environments, and version control for easy rollbacks
  • End-to-end orchestration and cost reduction with Intelligent Execution Engine
  • Performance optimization tools to streamline projects and optimize database size

Data Engineering Redefined with a Unified Approach

Seamlessly integrate multiple tools and data sets, as we guide your data on a transformative journey from ingestion to preparation to delivery.

Data Engineering Redefined

Polestar's TimeXtender Capabilities

Azure Synapse Analytics

Considered the “next evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse,” Azure Synapse Analytics ensures limitless scaling and powerful insights with the assistance of Machine Learning.

Synapse Aanlytics

Automized Data Consolidation and Integration

With 250+ pre-built data connectors such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more combined with an advanced graphical user interface (GUI), Polestar seamlessly integrates diverse data sources and reduces reliance on manual scripting with TimeXtender.

Data Cleansing

Reliable Reporting and Visualization

Feed clean, reliable, and structured into your visualization tools such as Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau, to facilitate quality and dependability in your reports and dashboards.

Insights Refinement

Data Warehouse Automation and Modernization

Consolidate, organize, and automate the diverse tasks integral to the process of designing, developing, and deploying with the help of graphical interfaces and code generation.

DWh Automation

Migration to a Modern Data Estate

Break from the shackles of on-premises limitations by migrating to cloud-based modern data estate without reworking all your existing data warehouse code.

Sick of the Frankenstack of disconnected tools and systems?
  • Replace your Stack of software and tools with a Single Solution
  • Accelerate automation AI/ML-infused ETL solutions
  • Create solutions and models 10x faster with Low-code development
  • Get a single version of the truth with holistic data integration from diverse sources like IBM DB2, MySQL, Text files, etc.
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Simplifying Data Automation with TimeXtender

Low code approach for easy development
Low code approach for easy development

Simplify head-scratching coding sessions by adopting the Low-code approach. Automatically optimize data loading, generate code, and optimize coding experience with a simple drag-and-drop user interface.

Smarter Modern Data Pipelines
Smarter Modern Data Pipelines

Propagate changes in data sources across the entire pipeline with just a few clicks with our metadata-based approach.

Flexible solutions for future-proof analytics
Flexible solutions for future-proof analytics

Leverage the powers of self-service analytics, agile implementation without vendor lock-in, and change storage without code re-writing for future scalability.

An all-in-one cloud solution
An all-in-one cloud solution

Integrate all possible features and capabilities into a single platform including data lineage, impact analysis, data quality, and performance.

Robust security and governance
Robust security and governance

Worry less with our trusted, reliable & secure solutions. Incorporate holistic governance, support compliance requirements, and eliminate security vulnerabilities.

Top-class Agile Support for Enterprises
Top-class Agile Support for Enterprises

Quickly develop a data strategy that maximizes results, with continuous after-sales support with the shortest possible TAT.

Revolutionizing Data Engineering with a Global Impact

235+ Data Engineers
10+ Technical Architectures implemented
Anaplan Strengths

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