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Embedded Analytics Services

Embedded Analytics Services

Robust Embedded analytics solutions to uplift your business growth

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Why Embedded?

Embedded analytics seamlessly integrates powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities directly into your existing application or website. It ensures industry-grade analytics based on known, reliable data sources and remove barriers between managers and intelligent insights.

96% of respondents said that embedded analytics has helped them to make better business decisions.

- Dimensional Research

Data-led Decisions that Supports You Every Step of the Way
Data-led Decisions that Supports You Every Step of the Way

Enhance your Analytics Experience

Blend your intuitive reports and dashboards into your existing application and workflows and add value to existing offerings for faster adoption and better operational efficiency.

Enhance your Analytics Experience

Improve stickiness and improve sales by leveraging robust embedding capabilities. Analyze real-time insights, evaluate risks, and make decisions that prevail.

Embed powerful, intuitive reports and dashboards that deliver data-based insights at necessary points within your application workflow.

Gain rich insights on end-to-end customer journeys and provide a more personalized, engaging customer experience to improve retention.

Enjoy the latest set of open and standard APIs to get personalized customizations and extensions on various functionalities and visuals.

Planning to incorporate embedded analytics

Planning to incorporate embedded analytics into your business?

  • Rapidly scale to serve complex enterprise use cases.
  • Increase adaptability and fuse your analytics with your other workflows.
  • Leverage API frameworks and SDKs via server-side technologies such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, or PHP, and JavaScript frameworks.
  • Get a 360-degree view by accessing analytics anytime and anywhere.
Get Embedded Analytics

Why opt for Polestar's Embedded Analytics?

High-powered Deployment Capabilities

Get industry-grade embedded services by leveraging our broad set of APIs and SDKs to create and expand embedded analytics in almost any application or browser-based UI.

Seamless integration for a fast-paced business like yours

Easily integrate analytics into your workflows with advanced APIs, SDKs, and server-side technologies.

Security and Scalability

Our industry-grade capabilities offer fast and secure embedded analytics solutions that are manageable, flexible, and scalable while ensuring regular management and analytics.

Embedded Analytics

Unleash Analytics with Embedded BI

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, almost every firm from any industry can use Embedded analytics to streamline their analytics environment. You can contact Polestar Solutions to get a deeper insight into the need for Embedded analytics and get a free consultation.

To get started with embedded analytics, you should first assess your organization's needs and identify the key workflows and applications where embedded analytics would be most beneficial.

Embedded analytics can help organizations make better, data-driven decisions by providing insights within the context of existing workflows and applications. It can improve adaption and increase efficiency by streamlining processes and eliminating the need for users to switch between different applications.

Yes, Polestar Solutions secures complete customer satisfaction by providing continuous support services. We regularly analyze and asses any irregularities that might occur and perform immediate resolutions.

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