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Data Analytics As a Service Solutions

Get Data Analytics through cloud-based delivery models to unleash the power of Big Data without the need for on-premise solutions

Are you looking for a Data Analytics platform that:

  • Is extensible with cloud-based analytical abilities
  • Moves beyond the traditional functionality
  • Supports the needs of multiple users
  • Is more cost-effective than on-premise data analytics solutions
  • Create Analytical Apps & Business Intelligence dashboards

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you might be looking for an Analytics-as-a-service solution. DAaaS or AaaS is an analytical platform that uses a cloud-based model to analyze vast quantities of heterogeneous data. In addition, it also provides customizable end-to-end business intelligence solutions to present data easily.

With Polestar Solutions as your Data-Analytics-as-a-Service (DAaaS) partner bring in the technical expertise to build AI & Predictive Analytics solutions, and also bring the expertise of various industry experts to design solutions that solve your business problems.

Advantages of Data Analytics-as-a-Service

Cost Saving

DAaaS has a subscription-based model which allows savings on infrastructure expenses

Data Connections

Collate data centrally from multiple applications and data sources easily with cloud

Increased Scalability

Scale in terms of Volume, servers, licenses, or number of users very flexibly as per need

Streamline decision making

Use predictive analytics and advanced analytics techniques even without a dedicated team

Deployment Speed

With DAaaS you can get started without much deployment time with access from anywhere

Mobile Friendly

Cloud-based solutions allows users to access updates at all times & from anywhere

Understanding Data Analytics as a Service

Data Analytics

Looking for DAaaS solutions?

Every organization is looking for improving existing capabilities or leveraging existing data in some or the other way. But one of the challenges they face is not having a dedicated analytics/IT team for implementing or incorporating Analytics into your workflow.

Here's where AaaS comes into play where you can scale analytics over the cloud and Polestar Solutions as your partner of choice can help align this move to your future strategies

01 Analytics Assessment

With our detailed Data Discovery workshop we assess your current technologies, storage, data consumption, and current roadmap to identify KPIs as per requirement

02 Data Transformation

After understanding the current as-is, our experts will transform your data with detailed data governance frameworks to choose the right tool & transition to the cloud

03 Training and Support

Our industry and technical experts would provide guided support and guidance for end-user training for the DAaaS implementation and establish governance practices

Use Cases of Data Analytics as a Service

Data Analytics

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How does Polestar Solutions' Expertise Help?
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  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified to ensure Quality & Security

  • 87% repeat business

  • 200+ certified BI engineers and Solution architects

  • 1000+ successful project completion across Power BI, Qlik, Big Data, Tableau and more

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