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Azure devops services

Build top-notch apps & projects by combining your "Dev" & "Ops" teams efficiently

How Microsoft Azure DevOps services boost business growth?

  • Automate workflows and create fast deployements
  • Bring full visibility for shorter release cycles
  • Ensure governance with your cloud environment
  • Manage Resource configuration across entire system
  • Get Azure DevOps Consulting Services

Improve your performance efficiency of developing applications by increasing the collaboration between modern Development and Operations. DevOps can be the solution to acheive continuous delivery and continous integration(CI/CD) to bring in culture, methods, and processes to Plan, Develop, Deliver, and Operate phases of application development.

Leverage our expertise as Microsoft Gold Partners combined with technical experience to understand the complexities of the workflow process throughout the entire Application lifecycle management. We empower teams to manage their work with agility and visibility with custom dashboards, automatic workflows, control over multiple cloud environments & more.

Key Components & features of Azure DevOps


Deploy continuously by building & deploying with any platform, language, or cloud


Build Kanban boards, team dashboards, custom reporting, and scrum ready plans for traceability

Azure Repos

Unlimited repository hosting and support with Git hub connections and API integrations


Fully integrated package management for CI/CD Pipelines & easy sharing

Azure testplans

Manual and exploratory testing plans to improve code quality and capture rich data


Secure best practices from the beginning instead of auditing at the end with shift-left strategy

DevOps with Azure
DevOps with Azure

Azure DevOps service offerings

With Azure DevOps complement your existing workflows to achieve agile project managementand bring visibility across all the aspects of software development. With Azure Devops you can achieve CI/CD, Infrastructure automation, work management & plannning, release management, pipeline development, and more. Some of the key offerings include:

01 Strategy & Consulting

Deploy infrastructure on cloud with ease by building code with encrypted database migration and clustering provision with Kubernotes. Understand whether to work with Azure on-premise DevOps server or with cloud as per your needs with us.

02 CI/CD Setup

Avail enterprise grade solutions for continuous app development with cloud deployement architectures, tool chain development, and network configuration management to acheive a highly efficient CI/CD services. Make use of our 24x7 service support for unhindered co-ordination

03 Integration with Kubernetes

You can use Azure Pipelines to automatically deploy to AKS or Azure Kubernetes Services, with this you can bring out the balance between speed and security. This helps rapid iteration, testing, and debugging of different parts of an application together & with easy release

Automation with Azure Pipelines

Automation with Azure Pipelines Get Azure DevOps Consulting
Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps is the combination of Developers (Dev) and Operations (Ops) to create an ecosystem of better efficiency, speed, and security of software development & delivery. It combines the best of people, processes, and technologies to evolve and improve products at a faster pace.

There are 8 phases in a devops pipeline namely: Plan, Develop, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, and Monitor.

Some of the features include Dashboard control to naviagte across multiple features of the project, plan and track your work with Scrum, Scrumban, or Kanban boards and manage product backlog, Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) for simultaneous releases, integrated collaboration, support for manual and exploratory testing, and more.

The 8 phases in a DevOps pipeline namely: Plan, Develop, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, and Monitor. Planning stage involves planning the requirements and the entire workflow. In the Develop and Build phase, you build the source code and collaborate in a shared source code repository with CI/CD. In the Test, Release, and Deployment phases you run manual, automated tests and validate the finalized code.

The benefits of using Azure for DevOps implementation include it being a Cloud Agnostic and Platform Agnostic platform, with Greater Reliability, High Scalability, Timely Access to New Features, and better collaboration.

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