Why should you have visual analytics?
    Simple & Powerful

    In this age of information overload, going back to simple and clear ways to represent data makes it powerful and useful

    Smart Visuals

    90% of information received is visual in nature. Creating easy and relatable dashboards can convey information quickly and effectively

    For Accessibility

    Interact, create, and collaborate in the device of choice. Embed analytics in apps or applications in your analytics as required

    Our Services
    Our Services

    Bring in the expertise of best-in-class data visualization experts for end-to-end tableau implementation. Create adoption strategy, plan, and execute deployment with constant support.

    Discover trends and patterns, visualize KPIs, bring charts, graphs, and maps, and create graphical representation of your data with ease. Develop insights based on your data.

    Eliminate the issues with improper implementation and sub-optimal user adoption. Increase ROI of your analytics investment with our training and adoption programs.

    With our support, modification, development, and enhancement services we bring the expert help needed with tableau implementation.

    On the lookout for a plug-and-play Analytics setup with experts? We can help you with:
    • Tableau Best practices
    • Defining Analytics Roadmap
    • Support and Enhancement
    • Training and Adoption
    • Intuitive Reporting
    Our Approach to Tableau Implementation

    With our 5-step approach to discover insights, we help you create your data storyboards and create scalable dashboard that can be useful for decision making

    Client Success Stories
    Large Non Alcoholic Bottler Boost Promotion Effectiveness With Tableau

    With a D-A-R Dashboard-Analytics-Reporting approach created a Tableau-based solution in place for periodic reporting and what-if analysis

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    • 100% Automated

      eliminating manual reporting

    • T-1 Reporting

      with a single click

    • Mobile & Web

      Accessible Reporting

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