Build cutting-edge AI strategies to uncover tapped opportunities with SAS

    Innovative and cutting-edge SAS analytics services, business intelligence implementations and data management address the entire data lifecycle needs of enterprises.

    At Polestar, we deliver a cohesive SAS Data Management strategy. With a comprehensive requirement gathering process, we understand complete client requirements and challenges and optimize the whole data management process. We define data quality rules, highlight existing data gaps, identify additional relationships while delivering a high concurrency and high-volume data warehouse using SAS data management.

    On SAS Visual Analytics, we bring our expertise right from the stage of defining KPIs, defining their governance rules and till the stage of visualization for our clients. Our dashboards/ reports are visually delightful, interactive and flexible, and enables business users to make fact-based decisions with near real-time visibility.

    We have an experienced team of data scientists who bring in years of experience in building supervised and unsupervised predictive models like Regression, Clustering, Classification and Neural networking. We also consult on external data sources that will bring additional insights. We combine strong technical acumen with our strong business understanding and project management to deliver advanced analytics solutions on SAS Enterprise Miner. Our expertise across areas of human resource management, supply chain analytics, financial risk detection, and predictive maintenance, make us the SAS Partner of choice in India.

    Our SAS Services
    SAS Data Management
    SAS Data Management

    Enterprises need analytics solutions that give faster and efficient reporting while ensuring that no critical information is lost. Our solutions on SAS Data Management are:

    By using SAS Data Integration tool to fetch data from different data sources like SAP, Oracle, FTP Server, Social Media, we create an ETL engine and build an optimized data model and OLAP cubes.

    By creating ETL engine, analyzing SAS cubes and stored processes, we enhance the capabilities of the SAS Enterprise Guide solution.We work on SAS Data Flux to improve the quality of enterprise data.

    SAS Visual Analytics
    SAS Visual Analytics

    SAS Visual Analytics offers tremendous data analytics capabilities and ease of use that allows users to derive their own analytics with flexible and interactive reports. Our solutions on SAS Visual Analytics helps business users intuitively explore data, find relevant patterns and understand key relationships with a drag and drop interface that helps them keep pace with the speed of competition through data-driven insights.

    With industry experts who possess strong process understanding, we work with our clients to define the KPIs, business rules and governance strategy. We also provide a customized support plan for SAS Visual Analytics.

    SAS Visual Statistics
    SAS Visual Statistics

    SAS Visual Statistics, with a simple drag-and-drop web browser interface, allows users to explore massive amounts of data, and iteratively create descriptive and predictive models with just a few clicks.

    We bring tailor-fit solutions in statistical modeling, predictive modeling and risk modeling using SAS Visual Statistics. Our solutions give a lightweight end-user statistical analysis.

    SAS Enterprise Miner
    SAS Enterprise Miner

    Power users like hard-core data scientists can benefit from a complete advanced analytics stack using SAS Enterprise Miner, a sophisticated enterprise-class statistical modeling tool.

    We enable businesses to develop descriptive and predictive models with cutting-edge modules. With our business understanding, we consult on creating customized data mining process that benefits enterprises.

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