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top data science providers in 2023

    Top Data Science Service Providers 2023

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Top Data Science Service Providers 2023

Originally Posted: Aimresearch

As more organizations across various sectors lean towards data-driven decisions and automation, data science has become a key player in driving operational efficiencies and strategic insights. This shift has led to a significant increase in the number of data science service providers over the years. For enterprises, selecting the right data science partner can be a crucial factor in their success.

To aid businesses in making this critical choice, AIM Research presents the Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant for Data Science Service Providers—a reliable industry standard to evaluate vendor competencies.

The Data Science market is a dynamic ecosystem that incorporates aspects of data analysis, machine learning, statistics, and related methodologies to extract valuable insights from data.

As part of the evolution of the field, emerging trends like MLOps (the combination of machine learning and operations), real-time analytics, AutoML, and serverless data science are being increasingly adopted

Graphical evaluations provide a clear, impartial, and third-party assessment of data science service providers, aiding businesses in quickly determining a vendor’s potential and suitability for their requirements. The 2023 PeMa study for Data Science service providers is underpinned by rigorous primary and secondary industry-wide research. Primary research data was collated via a survey distributed among participating firms.

The survey queries were thoughtfully devised following initial research to pinpoint the key factors that best define the Penetration and Maturity of a Data Science vendor. Each question was scored using a uniform evaluation criterion based on the vendors’ responses. Outliers were capped, and scores were normalized between 0 and 1. The means of these normalized scores resulted in sub-index scores, which were subsequently averaged to derive the Penetration and Maturity indices for each vendor.

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