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top data science providers in india 2022

    Top Data Science Providers in India 2022: Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant

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Top Data Science Providers in India 2022: Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant

Originally Posted: Analyticsindiamag

Data-driven solutions have become an integral part of firms across industries as they strive to improve decision-making or automate processes. Subsequently, the number of vendors providing analytics has increased considerably in India over the last couple of years. Choosing the right data science service provider is one of the most crucial decisions enterprises make.

To assist enterprises in making this decision, Analytics India Magazine (AIM) has come up with the Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant — an industry benchmark of vendor capabilities. AIM measures key parameters of leading service providers in terms of Penetration (Pe) and Maturity (Ma) and plots the relative positions of the firms in the Quadrant.

A balance between both these parameters is essential to respond to a client’s business challenges and seize revenue opportunities. The PeMa Quadrant, thus, helps enterprises get a complete overview of the capabilities and consider how they are stacked against each other.

The use of graphical representations to highlight vendor capabilities using a uniform, impartial, and third-party assessment of data science firms can help enterprises quickly ascertain their potential and the suitability for their needs.

Scope & Methodology

The 2022 PeMa study results from extensive primary and secondary research across the market. The primary research details were collected by circulating a survey form across the companies.

The questions in the survey were curated by conducting preliminary research to identify what aspects define the Penetration and Maturity of a Data Science vendor the best. First, vendors were scored for each question in the survey form using uniform evaluation criteria based on their answers—outliers were capped. These scores were then normalised between 0 to 1. Finally, the average of these normalised scores made the sub-index scores, and the average of the sub-indices made the Penetration and Maturity index of the respective vendors.

This year 41 data science service providers participated in the study, of which 33 made it to the quadrant. No fee was charged for participation in the survey, and the participation was voluntary. The questions were answered by the companies using a Google Form. We reached back to nominees in case of discrepancies or clarifications required.

The vendors not mentioned in the report either did not participate in the study or did not meet the minimum criteria to be scored and plotted on the PeMa quadrant.

The hierarchy used to calculate these sub-indices (using the answers to the survey questions) and then to calculate the Penetration and Maturity can be seen in the chart below.

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