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polestar solution headcount

    Polestar Solutions Well on Track to Double its Headcount by Q1 2022

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Polestar Solutions Well on Track to Double its Headcount by Q1 2022

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Polestar Solutions, a leading player in the data analytics and enterprise performance management space, announced it is well on track to double its headcount by Q1 2022. The hiring drive will comprise hiring developers, engineers, business development experts, and seasoned senior leaders to undergird the company's intellectual property for the next phase of evolution.

Chetan Alsisaria - CEO & Co-Founder, Polestar Solutions said, "As we continue to build our presence, we want to attract the best talent to join our community and support our strategic growth as we venture into new markets. We are proud to offer work opportunities during these difficult times, and are confident that we will be able to establish ourselves as leaders in the data analytics and enterprise performance management space with the current talent pool we have onboard".

Over the past quarter, Polestar Solutions has hired several senior leaders to strengthen its position; the company announced the appointment of Laxminarayan G - Global Delivery Head || Senior VP, Gaurav Singh - Sales Head for India || Asim Jamil as the Head - Human Resources. The recent hires reflect the company's strategy to invest in a strong leadership pool of world-class talent to support its local and global business operations and help deepen its analytics capabilities and networks.

Asim Jamil, Head - Human Resources, Polestar Solutions said, "At Polestar Solutions, we are deeply committed towards employee care, after all, service orientation begins with caring for your people. We believe that hiring the right talent and empowering them to take ownership is the recipe for organic growth. We've heavily invested in the growth of our people from the perspective of learning and career development and will continue to do so as we grow".

Earlier this year, Polestar Solutions opened its offices in Kolkata and has since doubled its team size within the past three months. Polestar Solutions is in fast-expansion mode and is currently also growing its presence in Southern and Western India and the US. The company aims to have a strong local presence in these geographies by the next financial year, in order to be closer to where its customers are in these regions.

Going forward, a major part of the hiring will also come from college campuses. One of the ways to engage technology talent in engineering institutions is via hackathons, such as the recently concluded and widely successful second edition of its Data Fiesta, which saw a total of 1400+ registrations in India across 20 colleges.

To find out more about current job openings visit: https://www.polestarllp.com/career

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