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best data science companies


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Originally Posted: Analyticsinsight

If you are into today’s corporate and commercial sector, you might come across terms like ‘data science’ and ‘data analytics’ very often. Data science is a growing field in information technology for extracting information from highly unstructured data and transforming it into simple structured data. The biggest advantage that data science brings into your business is mitigating risk and fraud. Data science companies are experts in detecting and eliminating unusual and risky data and providing the best data science solutions.

In the 21st century, data has evolved as a major force in business society. The way data science extracts insights from data and provides data-based decisions is widely admired by everybody, including people out of the tech circle. The dominance of data science has had a stronghold in the Indian IT industry for a long time. With the growing storm of data, the need for data science companies is also drastically surging.

India has become an IT hub and has transformed beyond people’s expectations and is giving stiff competition to developed countries. The country’s consistent growth is backed by the availability of proper infrastructure, skilled manpower, the presence of a large number of technical education institutions, and a proactive local government. Owing to the overall contributions, the number of data science companies in India has also spiked. This report lists the top 100 companies in India featuring city-wise companies as a whole.

Polestar Solutions & Services

Polestar Solutions & Services is known for unlocking the potential of real-time data to drive innovative technology solutions with consulting and technology expertise. It offers a wide range of services such as MS Power BI, MSBI, SAS, Qlik, and many others with a long product line as well including Mashup Generator, Qlik Buzz, CFO Cockpit, Chaplin AI, Inphinity Forms, and so on. The company is a leading player in the data analytics and enterprise performance management space, Data science, business intelligence, cloud, and HR analytics.

HData Systems

HData Systems is known for its services focused on data science, data warehousing, data analytics, data visualization, data migration, big data implementation, predictive analytics, IoT analytics, and many more. It provides businesses to obtain in-depth insights to make effective data-driven strategies with reliable analysis. It follows a specific path— understands the objective, import the data, explore and clean the data, model the data, and communicate the outcomes.

Cloudesign Technology Solutions

Cloud design Technology Solutions is helping in digital transformation with IT consulting and services with domain-centric solutions across all kinds of industries in the world. It has successfully delivered over 500 projects with its automation hub. The products include cloud track and RPA anywhere while being focused on ingesting relevant information out of real-time data. It develops and deploys strong AI strategies to leverage data science and drive in-depth insights for businesses.


Quantiphi is one of the top data science companies offering solutions in AI, data, and cloud including custom AI, conversational AI, data and analytics, marketing analytics, infrastructure modernization, and many more. It helps to harness the power of real-time data with an analytics-driven approach to gain in-depth insights efficiently. It provides database migrations, data lake implementation, enterprise data warehouse modernization, analytics, and BI modernization, and managed services provider.

Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds is focused on allowing digital transformation for companies by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiencies as well as in-depth insights. The capabilities of this company cover digital solutions, infrastructure, product engineering, and security. It offers services such as digital business services, product engineering services, agile infra and security services, digital process automation, and analytics. The digital insights services are designed to deliver cutting-edge data analytics solutions, derive in-depth insights, realize digital capital, and many more.

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