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What is Anaplan Sales Planning?

Anaplan revolutionizes Sales Planning, eradicating departmental silos to promote collaborative strategies and ensure unified organization-wide sales optimization.

Understanding Anaplan Sales Planning

Anaplan helps sales leaders identify vital operational areas to ignite and accelerate growth. Make sure your sellers focus on the most strategic and achievable opportunities, boost sales productivity through data-backed quota and territory planning and stay ahead of market changes by swiftly testing scenarios and "what-if" scenarios to anticipate shifts in priorities.

Key features and capabilities

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Streamline Account Prioritization
  • Design quotas that motivate sellers
  • Sales Territory Management
  • Collaboration and Alignment

Key Benefits

  • Develop an intelligent market segmentation plan targeting high-potential accounts.
  • Determine the optimal accounts and markets to establish high-performing sales territories.
  • Optimize your sales plan by uncovering more opportunities to gain your revenue goals.
  • Access real-time insights and buying signals to design achievable quotas and targets.
  • Increase revenue opportunities by optimizing sales coverage.

Therefore, with Anaplan sales planning, businesses make informed decisions, adapt to changes in the market, and ultimately drive revenue growth by improving their sales strategies.

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