Polestar Solutions Is Now Partners With Leading Enterprise AI Platform Provider DataRobot

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      If data is oil, then analytics is the combustion engine of this current era.
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    Today, the AI approach is creating several opportunities for businesses - with several cutting edge use cases across functions, such as Retailers Forecasting Daily Demand By Store, Bankers Predicting Likelihood of Loan Default, E-Com Players Predicting Customer Lifetime Value, and many more

    Especially in today's VUCA world, a smart AI framework will help organizations make quick pivots to accurate and pre-emptive decision making, uncover hidden value chains and deliver on emerging or unrealized market opportunities.

    As AI customers are seeing exponential growth, more companies are asking, “How can I use AI in my [own] business?"

    Enterprises often find it difficult to derive value from their expensive AI/ Data Science investments. These challenges arise due to three factors:

    • Shortage of AI experts
    • Data quality problems creating challenge in data preparation and exploration
    • Unable to strongly link AI with business acumen for effective insights

    We are proud to announce our partnership with DataRobot. Data Robot is an industry leader and its Automated Machine Learning capabilities brings complex AI/ ML use cases to the fingertips of every user in the enterprise within a simple and efficient workflow. DataRobot automatically builds ML models from open-source algorithms to make predictions from available data. Users can choose between different models deploying the solution in minutes with DataRobot's powerful API engine.

    Speaking on the partnership, Vishal Dhure, Partner Manager at Polestar Solutions, says -

    As many organizations are witnessing serious competitive advantages from investing into AI and advanced analytics use cases, challenges remain, particularly with regard to automating the data prep, and quickly deploying the correct model for speedy decision making. We are delighted to partner with DataRobot and our cooperation will bring considerable value to our enterprise customers

    Our partnership with DataRobot will help to drive greater AI adoption - giving people the skills and confidence to discover new ways to drive value with AI.

    By working to define an end-to-end AI Success Plan that details the company's vision and best opportunities to apply AI, Polestar Solutions will help prioritize milestones and understand the road map that must be undertaken for driving AI-led innovation.

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    If data is oil, then analytics is the combustion engine of this current era.

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