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Polestar Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership With Snowflake The Cloud Data Platform

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The partnership with Snowflake will help Polestar Solutions infuse scalability and faster decision-making for storing, modelling and analysing data.

May 04, 2020 - Delhi/NCR, India: Polestar Solutions, which is a digital transformation partner for enterprises, today announced a strategic partnership with snowflakes to provide scalability and faster decision-making for enterprises.

Today’s borderless and agile businesses demand infrastructure that supports scalability and fast-paced decision making.

Big data and analytics have become increasingly powerful tools in recent times, and with the given the uncertain circumstances we are facing today, globally, it has become an even more relevant to help measure effectiveness for the companies. This partnership comes at a time when there is a need for a data platform that could handle large data sets for real-time visibility and analysis without comprising security and governance.

The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform offers secure and independent compute, storage and cloud services layers that are seamlessly integrated, hence delivering better performance and eliminating any scalability or concurrency issues.

Snowflake Quotes

As a Snowflake Solutions Partner, Polestar Solutions will empower companies to assess their data management needs and quantify their storage requirements. In the case of organisations having an on-premise infrastructure and wanting to migrate to a cloud data platform, Polestar Solutions’ cloud and data experts will help them migrate without any downtime or loss of data or logic.

Additionally, its data science team enables data analysis and visualisation for quick decision-making to maximise the returns on investment.

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The partnership now offers organisations the opportunity to focus on data migration, data architecture and modelling, and data visualisation and reporting.

With Snowflake’s ability to securely share data across an organisation in real-time, and Polestars’ focus on democratising analytics, this collaboration will now empower everyone in an organisation to make faster, data-driven decisions, transforming data infrastructure into analytics powerhouses.

About Polestar Solutions

Polestar Solutions accelerates and simplifies digital transformation by offering enterprises consulting and implementation services related to data, analytics and cloud infrastructure.

Since inception, hundreds of clients of varying sizes-small, medium, as well as Fortune 500 and large conglomerates, have benefitted from their all-encompassing data related services be it - data management, business intelligence to advanced analytics & enterprise performance management to bring in a data-led revolution in business decision-making.

They have helped their customers to successfully mitigate risks with superior technology implementation. Find out more at Polestarllp.com.

About Snowflake Solutions

Snowflake’s cloud data platform shatters the barriers that have prevented organisations of all sizes from unleashing the true value from their data. Thousands of Snowflake customers deploy Snowflake to advance their businesses beyond what was once possible by deriving all the insights from all their data by all their business users.

Snowflake equips organisations with a single, integrated platform that offers the data warehouse built for the cloud; instant, secure and governed access to their entire network of data; and a core architecture to enable many types of data workloads, including a single platform for developing modern data applications. Snowflake: Data without limits. Find out more at Snowflake.com.

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