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Qlik Solution Provider

Qlik Solution Provider

We are Qlik Implementation Partners that help companies to optimize how they manage and leverage their data to improve business outcomes.

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As digital transformation has become critical to succeeding in today’s rapidly-changing environment, data has become the foundation of a new economy. And to get more from their data, companies are moving away from legacy approaches to Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics. They are seeking next-generation solutions to help accelerate insights and drive business performance.

With Qlik Solutions, you can analyze data at all levels, create visualizations and recognize direct correlations in less time – intuitively and without any development experience. Moreover, with Qlik Data Integration tools, associative engine, flexible, interactive & easy-to-use interface, you can enable data exploration.

Polestar Solutions has partnered with Qlik to help clients achieve business outcomes. We’ll assist you get the most from the Qlik solution with a comprehensive strategy, architecture, solution implementation, management, and support services.

Our Capabilities

Data Integration
Data Integration

Unify data sources for a granular view of information without gaps, & make it easier to discover hidden insights.

Enterprise Scalability
Enterprise Scalability

Take benefits of self-service discovery with secure, enterprise-level governance of data and analytics

Fast Data Loading
Fast Data Loading

Graphical, wizard-based functionality supports numerous data sources and multiple file types.

Self Service Creation
Self Service Creation

Use easy drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible, interactive data visualizations.

Centralized Management
Centralized Management

Find and share relevant analyses through a centralized hub, including apps and stories.

Interactive Visualizations
Interactive Visualizations

Amazing plug n play visualizations instantly respond to interactions and changes in context.

Why choose Polestar Solutions for Qlik Consulting Services?

Our Qlik Expertise

Qlik Health Check
Qlik Health Check

We perform a diagnostic check on your existing Qlik implementations to identify inefficiencies in the systems & enable insights on excess memory occupied license rationalization, & under-utilized fields in order to suggest corrective measures.

Request Qlik Health Check
Qlikview to Qlik Sense Migration
Qlikview to Qlik Sense Migration

We help you leverage the potential of Augmented Intelligence and multi-cloud deployment during Qlikview migration to Qliksense to enable a better intuitive user experience and provide support data storytelling.

Request Qlik Sense Migration
Qlik Active Intelligence Services
Qlik Active Intelligence Services

Optimize real-time decision-making by transitioning from Passive BI to Modern BI to establish a data analytics pipeline and extract actionable insights for the users.

Get Qlik Active Intelligence
Qlik Adoption and Roadmap
Qlik Adoption and Roadmap

A lot of organizations experience challenges from suboptimal Qlik adoption within their business ecosystem. With our pool of Qlik services, we help organizations maximize user adoption of Qlik adoption and enhance their ROI.

Explore Qlik Adoption Services
Qlik BI & Analytics
Qlik BI & Analytics

Get top-notch visualisations and dashboards that are supported by Qlik's Associative Engine's unparalleled speed and flexibility to support your guided analytics, free-form exploration, and embedded analytics with full interaction.

Avail Qlik Implementation
Qlik Support and Enhancement
Qlik Support and Enhancement

Our team helps you with existing Qlik services you may have as well as modification and development of requirements. Some examples include updating your QlikView/QlikSense servers to the most recent versions.

Request Qlik Support

Our Qlik Solution Portfolio

Get the total flexibility of analytics, guided embedded to self-service. Create and collaborate on any device. Use advanced and interactive visualizations to get insights from your data and share it with your teams to drive innovation together. Qlik sense services can be explored for enterprises of all sizes to make informed decisions.


QlikView is designed to let you robustly build and deploy interactive, guided analytics applications and dashboards using a flexible development environment. And with the patented Associative engine at its core, end users get the powerful, interactive data discovery experience that sets Qlik's products apart.


Value-added Services

Qlik NPrinting Qlik Data Integration
Qlik GeoAnalytics QAP & Embedded Analytics
Qlik Active Intelligence Qlik Web Connectors

Industries & Verticals We Serve

Polestar Solutions Qlik Add-On Products

Accio Qlik

Help users to take advantage of actionable insights and information brought directly in front of their eyes as a desktop widget. Now utilize your Qlik analytics Investments to the full.

Mashup Generator

Designed for Qlik users to solve their challenges of embedding business metrics into their portals with almost zero coding required.

Qlik Buzz

Assist Qlik users to identify traceability of the questions/comments and corresponding decisions made, beside every concerned object or KPI on a Qlik Dashboard.

Client Success Stories

Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView
Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

Our client is India's Largest Airport Concessionaire. They strive to provide world-class infrastructure & facilities. To meet the customer's requirements...

Explore our success story

Client Testimonials

  • New Look Vision Group, Canada

What stands out for me is the Polestar Solutions team’s approach. These folks do not just limit themselves to operational tasks, but they bring their own ideas and thoughts into the activities.

Sikandar AzamSenior Director - New Look Vision Group
  • General Manager - Paytm

They were able to understand our business processes and successfully elicit requirements from our team. The solution they delivered helped us standardize catalog processing & reduce manual efforts which resulted in cost & performance optimizations.

Nehul MalhotraGeneral Manager - Paytm
  • ERS, HCL Tech

We have been associated with Polestar Solutions for the last 3.5 years and we are extremely pleased with their services & resources. The business intelligence dashboard developed by them has empowered our users across Sales, Delivery & HR functions. The kind of expertise Polestar have, is commendable.

Rahul GuptaERS, HCL Tech
  • General Manager IT - HCL Infosystem

The highlights of the implementation process were comprehensive requirement gathering and setting up a fully thought-out feedback mechanism. Their constant involvement and high-quality implementation made them the partner of choice for organization-wide implementation.

Deepankar SrivastavaGeneral Manager IT - HCL Infosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions

To implement the platform successfully, qualified professionals need to interact with the customer's team and be involved throughout. It should be assigned to experts because they are the best choice.

You can also educate your team and let them complete most of the implementation on their own, engaging experts only for greater expertise. Experts handling smaller parts of a project does not always save you money. Non-professional Qlik implementations can sometimes lead to more expensive errors to fix. Consider the risks and choose the option that's right for you.

We have a team of Qlik Sense experts with an average of 5+ years of experience. They can assist you with building and implementing your web projects with domain knowledge.

Any Qlik-related problem you may encounter, no matter how complex, will be handled by our team. It will be handled by Qlik experts with five to fifteen years of experience. Your only decision will be how much involvement you want our experts to have in your project.

Alternatively, you may choose to:

  • Hire an expert to solve your problems on the spot, professionally
  • Enhance the knowledge of your internal development team

A Qlik expert will help you choose the best option based on your needs and resources if you are not sure which way is best for you.

The hiring of dedicated Qlik Sense developers who work exclusively on your projects is a good idea if you are interested in faster project completion at a reduced cost. A dedicated team can also provide the following benefits:

  • Experienced and skilled development team
  • Assists your in-house team
  • There are no hidden costs or start-up costs.
  • Delivering high-quality products
  • Project control at all levels
  • Hire in a flexible and cost-effective manner

The QlikView platform is Qlik’s first generation analytics platform for hard-core analytics, preferably used by data analysts and the developer community. Whereas Qlik Sense is a modern SaaS-based offering by Qlik to support self-service reporting and dashboarding.

Qlik Sense can connect to a number of source systems and platforms, including:

  • Redshift by Amazon
  • Apache Drill (Beta)
  • Apache Hive
  • Phoenix (Beta)
  • Apache Spark (Beta)
  • Azure SQL
  • Cloudera Impala
  • Google BigQuery & many more..

A Qlik Sense application provides users with the ability to explore calculations visually, ask questions and receive instant answers through advanced analytics integration. The Qlik associative engine provides full API access, so you can build rich, data-driven applications.

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