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Qlik Buzz

Qlik Buzz: A Qlik Sense Extention Redefining Collaboration

Bring collaboration with a common platform to tag, ask questions and more.

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Identifying challenges of Qlik users like one-on-one and offline mode of communication amongst the stakeholders on single Qlik sheet object and KPIs, we have developed a bolt-on module based on Qlik Sense. Qlik Buzz keeps traceability of the questions/comments and corresponding decisions made, beside every concerned object or KPI on a Qlik Dashboard.

Key Built-In Features

Hierarchy wise user configuration
Object wise permission control
Allow root access to users
List view of aassigned Qlik Applications
Single sign-on or SSO enabled
Instant notification e-mail on every comment
Get screenshots of comments on E-mail
Color scheme and interaction switcher

Benefits Of Qlik Buzz Extention

Qlik application

Maintains A Traceability Of The Decisions Made By Capturing The Data Points In The Form Of Conversation Thread.

Prompt decision

Provides A Complete Picture To Every Stakeholder Of The Decisions By Bringing Collaboration On A Common Platform.

Take customization

Timely Decision Making Since The Collaboration Is In Online Mode And In Real Time.

Are You Ready To Adopt An Efficient And Convienient Way To Collaborate On Your Concerned Qlik Objects?
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