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A Trusted Partner for your Anaplan Implementation and Optimization

A Trusted Partner for your Anaplan Implementation and Optimization

With Anaplan Solutions, we help you Connect your People and Plans with Data in and across all verticals, allowing you to take your business planning to the next level.

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By connecting people, data, and business plans, you can make decisions based on potential, not gut feelings. Using Anaplan, you gain insight and foresight - a place where strategy and accountability converge. Anaplan's planning platform allows leaders across industries to continuously adapt to change, transform their operations, and reinvent their value creation methods.

Our certified Anaplan model builders cater to all vertical industries, combining their knowledge of the industry and modeling skills to build applications that are tailored to specific business requirements.

Using Anaplan's connected planning platform, enterprises can rapidly develop performance management applications for every business function. The mission of our company is to support our customers in transforming and streamlining their business processes.

Technology Overview

Cloud-based organization planning platform Anaplan is designed for large and fast-growing companies' finance, sales, marketing, and operations departments. Anaplan platform can be used both for individual processes and for enterprise-wide tasks. Businesses and organizations can use the software platform to streamline and connect various aspects of their day-to-day operations.

With Anaplan's built-in application platform, businesses can easily build and/or reconfigure their planning applications. As an official Anaplan Partner, we offer Success Accelerators to kick-start optimal solutions for our customers using expertise and best practices.

Our Anaplan solutions are tailored to each client's needs, and we're prepared to provide a plan of execution and high-level consulting services to support them.

Technology Overview

Why Polestar Solutions?

Our Anaplan Services Spotlight

Services for Business Planning
Services for Business Planning

We can assist you in the creation of a Business Architecture and Business Cases Scoping and plan the pre-initiation phase of the project.

  • Planning Roadmap
  • Product Portfolio analysis
  • Understand Geographical Span
  • Technology Landscape analysis
  • Trigger Change Management
Anaplan Consulting Services
Anaplan Consulting Services

Polestar brings together its Anaplan expertise and industry experience to build models with sufficient granularity to reflect multiple scenarios.

  • Modernizing planning process
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Case
  • Scoping and Program Pre-initiation
  • Proof of Value
Anaplan Implementation Services
Anaplan Implementation Services

Our solutions adhere to the new gold standard: PLANS (Performance, Logical, Data Integration, Auditable, Necessary, Sustainable) & DISCO for providing logical structure to your Anaplan models.

  • Program Planning
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Data Integration
  • Deployment
  • Model Architecture & Building
Anaplan Managed Services
Anaplan Managed Services

Our team can be your “Change Agents” in implementing Anaplan and be an extension of your in-house team, providing tailor-made support for you.

  • User Training Support
  • Support + Issue Resolution
  • Center of Excellence
  • Model Enhancements
  • Data Enrichment Services

Our Domain Expertise

01 Financial Planning & Analysis

Our services enable you to link operational decisions with real-time financial outcomes to accelerate top-line growth to:

  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Developing profitability models
  • Automate cost management
Explore our Financial Planning Solutions

02 Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain leaders benefit from our Anaplan Solutions to assist them in effectively meeting goals in:

  • Analyzing P&L of multi-level supply chains
  • Demand-supply balance in real time
  • Identify supply chain risks & opportunities
  • To leverage agile demand management
  • Enable smooth cross-functional collaboration
Discover our Supply Chain Planning Solutions

03 Sales & Marketing Performance Management

By leveraging Anaplan Solutions, we support leaders in sales and marketing collaborate regularly on:

  • Compensation & Accruals Planning
  • Territory Goal Planning
  • Sales-Revenue Analytics & Insights
  • Sales & Marketing collaboration
  • Marketing Performance Management
Know more about our S&M Solutions

04 Strategic Workforce Planning

Our team helps you drive engagement and collaboration for talent and budget decisions that align with the business strategy and priorities by:

  • Transparency and objectivity in talent management metrics
  • A cost-effective hiring and training approach
  • Optimize headcount & workforce mix
  • Risk identification & employee churn prediction
Talk to our Workforce Planning solution expert

Client Success Stories

Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan
Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan

The delivered Anaplan Solution helps the decision-makers to run multiple scenarios and opt for what’s best for the business. Tasks like fluctuations across prices, customer mix, workers compensation, fuel costs, etc could be done by changing the values & drivers. All of it can be done within a single platform.

Optimized and Setup Anaplan Managed Support Services for a Global Consumer Durables Brand
Optimized and Setup Anaplan Managed Support Services for a Global Consumer Durables Brand

We optimized the existing S&OP practices to unlock a 20% improvement in forecasting accuracy and a whopping 40% reduction of the operational cost. We set up a mechanism for 8X7 Weekend support for the senior management while they access reports on weekends.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An organization using Anaplan's cloud planning platform can connect data, people, and plans in all areas of the business to run virtually any planning process. Anaplan is an extremely flexible and scalable enterprise-wide planning solution used worldwide for Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Supply chain and Operations.

Anaplan has several key features including dynamic scenario building, "What if" scenarios, import/export capabilities, extensions for Google and Microsoft suite, cutting-edge predictive algorithms, evolving AI/ML capabilities, embedded intelligence, powerful planning and modeling, an extensible ecosystem, and robust security.

Using Anaplan, you will be able to integrate data from various sources using Manual, Automated, and Programmatic Integration, and Anaplan’s HyperConnect. Utilize connectors to connect with ETL partners like MuleSoft, Informatica, SnapLogic, Boomi, and more, or APIs for custom integrations.

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