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Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services

Revolutionize Data Into Actionable Insights with Our Business Intelligence Services

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Polestar Solutions offers a range of enterprise-level business intelligence and analytics solutions to meet your strategic goals like strategy optimization and forecasting, budget projection and financial planning, customer analytics, performance research, and trends exploration, advanced reporting, etc. Our decade-long experience in data-driven solutions helps organizations across different business areas like customer intelligence, HR intelligence, brand intelligence, supply chain intelligence, logistics intelligence, etc. to see beyond data and empower them to improve their decision-making and insight sharing based on smart data interpretation.

Our comprehensive enterprise BI services include BI consulting, reporting, dashboarding, data warehousing, smart analytics, custom data visualization, implementation of BI applications, data management, etc., to help you make substantiated decisions and improve business performance.

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Our 7-Step BI Delivery Framework To Ensure Maximized ROI

7-Step BI Delivery
  • Self-service enabled BI solution for ad-hoc querying & reporting
  • Securely governed & managed for risk free collaborating & innovation
  • Automating predefined persona-specific BI dashboards & reports
  • Data modeling & OLAP cubes creation for optimized querying
  • Data Storage into a warehouse or lake for a centralized repository
  • Data Cleansing - Deduplication, Standardization & Normalization
  • Data Extraction, merging & filling in the missing information
7-Step BI Delivery

Business Intelligence Services We Offer

Business Intelligence Consulting
Business Intelligence Consulting

Our business intelligence (BI) consulting services help you discover the best ways to retrieve actionable insights out of raw data to accelerate decision-making and drive business value & profitability. Through various data visualization methodologies, we help organizations identify gaps and opportunities.

  • Reporting and Visualization
  • Design & Assessment
  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • Data Governance
  • Master Data Management
BI Implementation & Development
BI Implementation & Development

We provide a comprehensive range of BI implementation services, from data management and warehousing to data analytics and reporting, to ensure our clients make the most of their BI investments. Our BI Developers build BI applications and persona-specific BI dashboards & reports based on your unique business needs aligned with modern integration abilities.

  • Identifying the right BI technology
  • Creating a data warehouse
  • Creating personalized dashboards
  • Setting up ETL
  • Delivering OLAP/ROLAP
BI Support and Diagnostic
BI Support and Diagnostic

With decades-long experience and proven diagnostics, our skilled BI technology experts help you optimize storage, schedule downtime, and migrate BI platforms. We support a variety of BI platforms and databases and offer a comprehensive support solution tailored to your organization's needs, leading to exceptional results at a reduced total cost of ownership.

  • Monitoring and Performance Tuning
  • Automation
  • Database development
  • Architecture and Security
  • Training and Support
Business Intelligence-as-a-Service
Business Intelligence-as-a-Service

Our enterprise business intelligence solutions enable data analysis by business users of all levels by consolidating multi-formatted data across different departments of an organization into a secure and centralized data storage. With our BI tools, we help you harness the full potential of your data with our scalable and cost-effective BIaaS and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Use of Azure Microsoft BI Platform & Power BI
  • Reports on data across multiple systems
  • Customised & easy-to-use dashboards
  • Rich interactive reporting of live metrics
  • Compelling data visualization

Business Intelligence Architecture

Business Intelligence Architecture

How We Work

Our business intelligence consulting teams follow a holistic approach to solve your business problems and help achieve your goals.

Our Step Up approach is designed to inform and align stakeholders at every phase of the BI implementation Services.

Assessment of Existing BI practices
Assessment of Existing BI practices

The BI maturity Assessment determines what data needs to be integrated and analyzed, the progress level of current BI practices, & outlines the relevant steps needed to make BI work.

Building a BI roadmap
Building a BI roadmap

Understanding what's required to build a business use case, designing a framework, and creating a strategy to build & implement personalized BI solutions.

Designing appealing dashboards
Designing appealing dashboards

Creating visually appealing dashboards to present data-backed insights and analytics reporting using data visualization techniques.

On-going support and improvements
On-going support and improvements

Successful deployment of BI solutions and optimizing them to derive maximum business value and enhance customer experience.

How We Work

How You Will Benefit with Polestar Solutions' BI Services & Solutions

  • Actionable insights from hidden business data
  • Dedicated Team of BI Consultants
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Diverse forms of analysis results
  • Assured security & Confidentiality of your data
  • Free consultation

Our Sample BI Dashboards & Reports

Turning Our Customers Into Success Stories

BPO Giant Improves Data Governance To Achieve Unrelenting Growth With Power BI
BPO Giant Improves Data Governance To Achieve Unrelenting Growth With Power BI

Our client is a leader in operation management, consulting and analytics with its services ranging across a broad array of industries like insurance, healthcare, banking & financial services, utilities, travel, transportation & logistics.

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Fastest Growing FMCG Brand Streamlines Sales Data And Reporting System With MSBI And Power BI
Fastest Growing FMCG Brand Streamlines Sales Data And Reporting System With MSBI And Power BI

Our client is an Indian food delivery company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is India's largest and fastest-growing food services company, with a network of 1400+ restaurants...

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Largest Indian B2B Marketplace Optimizes Sales Reporting With Amazon Redshift & Microsoft Power BI
Largest Indian B2B Marketplace Optimizes Sales Reporting With Amazon Redshift & Microsoft Power BI

Our client is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in India. Different segments of buyers and suppliers starting from SMEs, MSMEs to large corporates and even individuals use the platform...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Intelligence solutions help enterprises move towards data-powered decision-making to provide flexibility and agility and enable them to perform at peak potential every day. With interactive dashboarding and reporting, you can turn data into actionable insights.

Our professionals organize a detailed Data Discovery workshop in the initial stages of discussion to evaluate your data needs and provide you personalized optimal solutions. With our years of rich experience as Business Intelligence Consulting partners, we select the best BI tools as per your existing and future data needs.

At Polestar Solutions, we are strongly committed to data privacy and meeting our client’s requirements. We sign a Non-disclosure agreement with each of our clients to protect our clients’ confidential information.

It depends on the project size. The implementation of BI software can last from a few weeks to several months. After the BI implementation, many companies start to observe benefits and decide to extend BI systems to other departments or add new facts, dimensions or functionality.

ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tools are part of Business Intelligence systems. They allow connecting the data from different sources using dedicated drivers. BI tools can be connected with different IT systems (e.g., ERP, CRM), databases, and external files (e.g., Excel and CSV). When it is necessary to integrate the data from sources that don't have predefined drivers, it is possible to use ODBC or OLE DB interface.

ETL tool selection is an essential part of Business Intelligence system designing. It is worth it to benefit from specialists' experience who have done a lot of BI implementations and know this type of tool.

Typical threats connected with the implementation of Business Intelligence systems are:

  • Poorly estimated costs and time of realization
  • Badly estimated implementation aims
  • Lack of client commitment
  • Lack of employees responsible for the implementation
  • Lack of support for the project and low awareness of changes
  • Communication problems

The main problems appear at the begining with significant impact on the project. Their consequences lengthen the time of achieving aims, and they negatively affect the involvement and completion of the project.

Any thought of fulfilling the company's vision cannot be sustained without an advanced BI solution. Here are a few key parameters that will help you choose the right business intelligence services for your enterprise.

  • Product acquisition cost
  • Return on Investment (RoI)
  • Scalability
  • Agile BI support
  • Ability to adjust to business changes
  • Ability to connect to any data source/database, including NoSQL, Big Data
  • Ease of integration with third-party applications (Embedded Analytics)

You can get in touch with our dedicated project manager assigned to each project, who are capable of resolving most of the queries as they have a demonstrated history of delivering accelerated returns from business intelligence projects.

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