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Analytics Solutions for CPG Industry

Analytics Solutions for CPG Industry

Assisting data driven enterprises with end-to-end CPG analytics solutions that offer visibility into inventory, propel your brand forward, and drive exponential value.

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Get End-to-End Analytics Solutions at each stage of the CPG Value Chain

Today's consumers demand custom, cross-channel, connected, experiences—and they expect you to deliver them now. Meeting these demands calls for deeper insights from external and internal data to make swift, fact-based decisions on the go. Polestar Solutions analytics consulting team can assist. We leverage our cloud platform expertise, industry solution accelerators, and analytics consulting experience to help our customers accelerate their business transformation journey while minimizing risk and maximizing value.

01 Revenue Management
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Trade Promo Optimization
  • Total Spend Optimization
  • Channel migration to mass channels
02 Product Assessment and Procurement
  • Materials Planning
  • Supplier Management
  • Price Optimization
  • Markdown Optimization
03 Manufacturing & Supply chain Operations
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Demand Forecasting & Planning
  • Production Forecasting and Estimation
  • Logistics & Carrier Analytics
04 Product Development
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Trends
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Target Market Potential Estimation

Find Answers to Your Business Requirements

With our agile CPG analytics solutions plugged into your data, you can perform the kind of in-the-moment reporting and analysis that will help you move past the competition.

When it comes to the data, leading companies secure comprehensive data from retailers and third parties, including full-basket and shopper-panel data as well as loyalty-card and coupon-redemption data. Our analytics consulting services can help you sift through the copious amounts of data and quickly make sense of it.

Our Data and analytics consulting approach is helping numerous brand owners to redefine the positioning of portfolio brands that are struggling and define the experience principles that guide how that positioning comes to life in the consumer and shopper journey.

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Our capability to offer actionable insights by analyzing numerous data sets assists organizations to pinpoint the right strategies to address the dynamic requirements and boost market share of today’s well-informed customers.

Data Management
Data Management

Our Data management solutions help struggling enterprises cope with the immense growth in data volume, variety, and velocity and utilize it effectively. CPG brands need to move swiftly to master their data to stay competitive. We assist you in solving today’s data management issues and defining tomorrow’s solutions - resulting in the best products in the market.

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Analytics consulting
Analytics consulting

Presently, enterprises need innovative solutions to unravel the potential of data and utilize business insights to derive competitive advantage and enhance profits. Our Advanced analytics Solutions assists you to redefine the way your enterprise consumes data. With deep expertise of the CPG industry, combined with knowledge in technologies such as Big Data, mobile, and the cloud, we offer analytical services on the go.

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Business Planning
Business Planning

Your business intelligence and data visualization requirements vary across your organization. Analytical insights enable strategy creation and decision-making to address the complex market dynamics in present business environment. With our business planning services, you will be well on your way in your self-service BI journey through Customer Analysis, Marketing Analysis, Sales Analysis, Category/Merchandise Management, and much more.

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Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Our Cloud solutions starts with better product development/R&D, smart manufacturing, digital commerce, digital supply chain, consumer data platforms, personalized promotions, and digital marketing areas. Now organizations can unlock consumer growth, capture new routes to market, and drive connected operations with our cloud solutions for the CPG industry.

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Client Success Stories

Reduced data
Consumer Goods Multinational Enabled Effectiveness In Reporting And Decision Making With Power BI

Our client is a multinational & world-renowned Consumer goods company. These large organisations inherit some highly complex processes and our client was no exception in this regard.

Case Study
Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

Our client is India’s Largest Airport Concessionaire. They strive to provide world-class infrastructure & facilities. To meet the customer’s requirements more effectively...

Case Study
Helping Infuse A Culture Of Data Democratization And Data-Driven Decision Making Through An Enterprise-Wide Analytics Platform

A wholly-owned subsidiary of a diversified Indian conglomerate, our customer is an established market leader in lifestyle electrical solutions and consumer durables.


Delve Into Our Analytics Insights for CPG Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the key performance indicators is foremost to drive business strategy with the data. Specific KPIs are more relevant depending on a given store's CPG channel, size, location, or customer demographics. Given the humongous volume of info covered by syndicated data sources, individual businesses will be required to narrow their scope to focus on CPG data analytics categories.

We have listed a KPI breakdown based on CPG channels as a starting point"

  • Units sold per retailer
  • Weeks of inventory on hand
  • Marketing spend
  • Retailer ROI, trade spend, and penalties
  • Out-of-stock percentage
  • Logistics costs-to-revenue ratio

Customer purchasing behaviors are more robust than ever, challenging CPG organizations to get creative on what products to sell, when they require to be available, and where to sell them. In an already low-margin, high-volume industry, organizations are looking for ways to digitize and transform their processes to meet demand, manage costs, and ensure customer satisfaction. In this ultra-competitive business environment, evaluating the trade effectiveness of a promotion or determining current inventory levels, we help CPG organizations make the most of their data by offering insights across the business.

To remain competitive in this business environment, retail & CPG companies need to leverage data from many sources. Harmonizing and centralizing that data can be a significant challenge. Once data has been consolidated, building reports and analytical applications require a mix of both deep expertise and innovative creativity.

In today's highly evolving and competitive world, it is crucial to know the exact stores, retailers, Channels, and markets where the company is currently growing or declining. Secondly, it is vital to understand shopper preferences and their demographic patterns. Thirdly, without linking financial data with actual sales, we will never learn how to best optimize our portfolio. To do all this and more, a CPG company will require a lot more than just one data source. There are three broad types of data sources:

  • Internal Data
  • Syndicated Data
  • Retailer direct data

To implement dynamic pricing for your CPG brands. The first step to pin-pointing your ideal pricing strategy to establish your pricing goals. It is critical to consider which will best help you achieve your business goals. Some things to take into account when figuring out your pricing objectives are whether you want to maximize short or long-term profits, achieve market stabilization, increase market share, etc. After you have arrived at your pricing objectives, you can begin pinpointing the pricing strategy that will best complement your services.

To maximize the success of your marketing efforts, the best way to identify best-performing marketing channels for your brand is to test different strategies and evaluate your options. Consider the following five factors to help you determine which channels are most appropriate for your business.

  • Consider your goals
  • Know where your customers hang out
  • Talk to your consumers throughout their journey
  • Scope out the competition
  • Work your strategy and analyze the results

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Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh

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