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Impact Of Covid19 On FMCG And Role Of Analytics And Connected Planning

The FMCG sector has outperformed the broader market amidst the Covid19 pandemic; but are they really immune to its impacts?

Their Supply Chain has been thrown into disrepair, and the production planning has gone for a toss.

The extended lock-down and increasing unemployment numbers is shifting the consumer buying pattern, and affecting their disposable income.

Necessity is the mother of inventions; and FMCG players are putting more focus and devoting entire production lines to manufacture 'essential' items; not only driven by its intended benefit to consumers, but also expecting that the sales would cover up some of the losses in other product lines.

But, with global measurement firm, Nielsen, slashing the growth outlook for FMCG in 2020 to 5-6%, and the supply side constraints likely to remain, when will #FMCG see the turn-around?

It cannot be over-emphasized that new strategies & innovative approaches are needed to stem the tide

Many FMCG players are extending the services of their third-party logistics partners to distributors also, to ensure smooth movement of goods.

In these times of uncertainty, a data-driven and connected planning framework is a real need of the hour, to make quick pivots to fact-based and accurate decision making.

Here, in this whitepaper, we look into the stressors and explain how opportunities presented by data analytics can become a gamechanger for future-fit FMCG

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