Health Check
    • Does your QlikView / Sense environment architecture cater to your current business needs?
    • Have you experienced a performance drop on Qlik's platform?
    • Will Qlik be able to deliver favourable outcomes aligned with your business priorities in the future?
    • Do you think it's a fair move with Qlik in improving performance, extracting more value from its deployment and ensuring a good customer experience?

    Our Qlik Health Checks provide you the opportunity to get a full assessment of your Qlik environment architecture, discover best practices from our professionals, explore advanced Qlik features, and improve ways Qlik solutions work to their full potential.

    At Polestar, we'll examine your current business environment and processes, identify any challenges/areas to address and provide a list of recommendations on how your BI environment within a Qlik Health Check works smoothly. We'll keep a pulse check on your organization's ETL & data architecture, performance, and scalability issues to optimize your licenses and enhance your BI governance.

    Common Challenges Faced by Businesses
    Long Data Reload Time

    Data Reloading takes unusually long intervals of time

    Slow UI Rendering

    Selection filter takes a long pause before it applies

    Data Inconsistency

    Numbers do not match with actuals

    Lack of Insights

    Analysis is not adequate to provide meaningful data-driven insights

    Implementation related problems

    Error-prone and time consuming process

    Not Enough Knowledge

    Insufficient knowledge & expertise of Qlik platforms

    Planning to Optimize Your Qlik?

    If you are looking for an easy way to optimize your Qlik, we've got you covered!
    Three Easy Steps For You:

    Customer Analytics

    Our experienced team of professionals will assess how you currently use the platform to identify the existing challenges. This will help us in evaluating bottlenecks in your Qlik platform to further plan a roadmap for improvement.

    Audit Report

    Based on our diagnosis, we'll document the thorough conclusions drawn via a comprehensive audit report. We'll provide a set of recommendations to bridge the gap between best-practices and existing set-up.


    Given your business ecosystem, our Qlik consultants provide you with estimated timelines, strategy, budget, and efforts to deliver promising results. Post your approval, we work relentlessly to resolve the issues and ensure optimized Qlik applications.


    This is a classic case of Sub-Optimally designed Qlik apps leading to poor performance. Qlik is an in-memory BI tool but that doesn't mean that increasing the RAM is the answer for solving performance challenges, rather optimizing the code (Backend as well as UI level) can help you improve this. We, at Polestar, offer our Qlik Health Check services to assess the existing Qlik setup and identify the root cause and resolution for the persisting issues.

    Our experts assess all charts, dimensions, expressions, tables, and offer recommendations on techniques and ways to use as a development guide taking a step forward.

    We assess license usage, recommend the optimal license type for every user and advise on the most affordable ways to scale your license pool.

    We do a comprehensive assessment of your Qlik platform from a business perspective, a technical perspective, and a people perspective to ensure quality performance, business value, technical foundation, and end-user experience.

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