Active Intelligence
    • Using preconfigured and curated data sets for analysis?
    • Lacking automation in end-to-end data pipeline to produce business ready data?
    • Looking for immediate triggers on real-time data?
    • Want to accelerate business outcomes based on data agility and efficiency?

    With Qlik's Active Intelligence solution, you can develop a dynamic relationship with information instead of relying on past and historic data. Active Intelligence involves not only analysis and action, but also managing the data pipeline leading up to them.

    With Polestar Solutions as your Qlik Partner, you can be ensured of a seamless End-to-end Qlik Implementation with the additional capability of Industry expertise to built the applications that are tailored to your needs. According to a IDC report, a majority of businesses with strong data-to-analytics pipelines reported seeing increases in key metrics like a 76% increase in operational efficiency.

    Active Intelligence Benefits
    SimpData Consolidation

    Integrate data of various forms and types with both historic and current datasets

    Automation Movement

    With Real-time Change Data Capture and Automation of Data Integration

    Data Governance

    With Data Warehouse and Data Lake automation for data transformation

    Lineage Preseveration

    Leverages Metadata to keep data trustworthy and transparent throughout pipeline

    Cloud Agnostic

    Open SaaS platform and hybrid deployement options across clouds

    Increased Collaboration

    Bringing together data producers and data consumers

    Qlik Active Intelligence
    Qlik Active Intelligence
    Want Active Intelligence implemented at your company?

    Here are the full suite of products that make Active Intelligence the best to drive decision making

    Data Integration

    Get ready to free your data and transform it into actionable insights at the speed of your business. Keep your business perpetually up-to-date with this real-time, high-perfomance, and scalable approach

    Data Analytics

    Built with Qlik's powerful Associative Engine, Data Analytics platform combines Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide analytics in the entire spectrum ranging from self-service to embedded

    Data Literacy as a Service

    This is designed to imbibe a data-informed culture into your day-to-day business, and we intend to do this with continuous support and by building personalized solutions that suit your business

    How Active Intelligence Works
    How Active Intelligence Workss

    Qlik defines Active Intelligence as a state of continuous intelligence where technology and processes support the triggering of immediate actions from real-time, up-to-date data

    Active Intelligence can be used across Industry and domains, like in Supply Chain Optimization to comb through the latest inventory, logistics, etc. and for predictive maintenance, emergency planning, fraud detection, creating personal customer experiences, etc.

    According to IDC Report, Businesses with strong data-to-analytics pipelines have reported a 75% business decision makers have seen an increase in revenue, and 74% executives have said that the profits have increased.

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