Data Nexus
    Polestar Data Nexus in its elements
    Generative AI
    Effortless Data Intake (The Data Integration Wizard)
    Effortless Data Intake (The Data Integration Wizard)
    • Connect seamlessly with over 100+ data sources.
    • Enterprise-grade security, even on the move.
    • Ditch the CSVs! Direct connectors simplify data ingestion.
    • Intuitive UI empowers non-technical users for data scheduling and management.
    Automated Workflows & Data Quality (The Data Engineering Play)
    Automated Workflows & Data Quality (The Data Engineering Play)
    • Build and manage data lakes & pipelines with ease.
    • Pre-built, custom data quality rules - no coding required!
    • Analyze success/failure/execution logs for optimized workflows.
    • Gain in-depth data insights with comprehensive profiling (including column-level).
    Democratized Analytics with Pre-built Power (The Modeling Central)
    Democratized Analytics with Pre-built Power (The Modeling Central)
    • Pre-trained algorithms make advanced analytics accessible.
    • Accelerate implementation of data science use cases.
    • Complexity-free platform fosters exploration by functional teams.
    • Unified data layer for internal & external user collaboration.
    AI for Everyone (AI Nerve Center)
    AI for Everyone (AI Nerve Center)
    • No-code/Low-code platform simplifies the path to AI.
    • Generative AI empowers insights exploration with user prompts.
    • Embed AI seamlessly into your existing workflows.
    • Everything stays secure, governed within your enterprise firewalls.
    Why Polestar Data Nexus
    Explore the Art of the Possible with Data Nexus
    • Revenue Growth Management Suite
    • Pricing Analytics Solution
    • Supply Chain Control Tower
    • GenAI-led Analytics Querying (P.AI)
    • Financial Analytics (CFO Dashboards)
    • Procurement Insights
    • Workforce Analytics

    Imagine achieving sustainable revenue growth of 5-10% annually. Our Data Nexus helps you achieve that, here's how:

    • Predict customer needs and preferences with advanced analytics, ensuring you offer the right products and services at the right time.
    • Focus resources on high-value prospects and channels with granular insights into campaign performance and ROI.
    • Identify early warning signs of potential customer churn and implement targeted retention strategies.
    Are you ready to fuel your business growth? Chart your revenue growth strategy with this guide.
    Revenue Growth Management Suite

    Research shows that price management initiatives can increase a company's margins by 2 to 7% in 12 months. With in built pricing models within Data Nexus, you can:

    • Analyze price elasticity across segments and channels to set prices
    • Predict the impact of competitor pricing and promotions
    • Leverage concepts like Laffer's curve, under & over pricing, etc.
    • Create price and promotion management engines for strategy
    Confront the consequences of neglecting pricing and master pricing with analytics techniques
    Pricing Analytics Solution

    Oversee supply shortages by analysing regular sales and inventory levels. Ensure continuous monitoring of demand forecasts with real-time visibility within Data Nexus to:

    • Minimize stockouts & overstocking with granularity in predictions
    • Optimize inventory allocation across channels (online, offline)
    • Create the best-in-class S&OP designs with ease
    • Manage returns, prioritize orders, track data in real-time
    View our datasheet regarding Control Towers, KPIs, Best Practices and Implementation Roadmap
    Supply Chain Control Tower

    Trained on your enterprise data, P.AI helps cross-functional users with their daily as well ad-hoc dose of insights. Here's what all it does for you:

    • Get bite-sized summaries on adaptive cards. No more wading through reports!
    • Tables & charts let you explore every detail. Let your curiosity flow.
    • Take control - trigger actions directly from the app. Efficiency unlocked!
    • Microsoft Co-pilot powering intuitiveness & engagement on your cursor tip.
    • Autosuggestions guide you to the insights you need.
    Explore the future with knowledge, insights, and a forward-thinking mindset of the limitless possibilities that Generative AI unlocks.
    GenAI-led Analytics Querying (P.AI)

    Streamline financial processes by identifying operational bottlenecks swiftly and collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders across the board:

    • Assess business profitability with analytics & AI intervention for complete visibility
    • Track vendor performance, account receivables, account maintenance, and more
    • Have a real-time view of cash flows to identify true costs and profit margins
    • Get deep insights into marginal costing, WACC, and investment ROI
    Get this guide on all things encompassing analytics around Finance - right from FP&A to revenue forecasting and more.
    Financial Analytics (CFO Dashboards)

    Get a 360o overview of your procurement data with in-built connectors with leading source systems and pre-ready dashboards and reports on:

    • Spend Analysis at Item/ Category/ Location level
    • Key pain areas in the contracting process, contract policy adoption, and contract administration
    • Supplier Management with invoice and payment analysis, and more.
    • From cycle time to order delivery, perform reconciliations effortlessly with automated workflows and real-time visibility
    Maximize the potential of your procurement data with this all inclusive guide.
    Procurement Insights

    Get the talent answers you need, fast and all in a single place, ditch multiple windows, one platform for all your HR analytics and reporting:

    • Proactively gauge and analyse talent sentiments data to engage top talent and tackle attrition
    • Understand the true cost of employees going beyond direct costs but by factoring in indirect costs like benefits, training, and equipment
    • Maintain an objective view on key parameters like talent skilling, DEI parameters, eNPS, etc
    Ready to take your HR game a few notches up? Get our guide of effective workforce planning strategies.
    Workforce Analytics
    Featured insights

    From low difficulty to high difficulty use cases, Generative AI can be integrated into workflows for improving operational efficiency, classification, content creation, prompt engineering, or process optimization, etc. We create the user flows and use cases by considering these parameters:

    • Data Considerations
    • Data security
    • Design flow
    • Design patterns
    • Benefits

    In some cases though it is very soon to talk about the final benefits, we've seen our clients have seen

    • Improved productivity
    • Faster reconciliation
    • Faster analytics Turn around time
    • Research augmentation
    • Improved knowledge with Internal bots

    and more..

    Yes, we pre-train models on a variety of data before we let our clients/ end-users work on it. We train and tune the data to the parameters based on our clients data which can be seen during our PoC (Proof of concept). Reach out to us in case you would like to know more.

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