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Power your analytics and reporting capabilities to make fast, accurate, and Informed Decisions with our Power BI Services.

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Data drives today's digital-driven businesses and is considered an asset to strengthen decision making processes. Microsoft’s Power BI, a robust business analytics tool, offers a platform to analyze, collect, and visualize data through attractive visualization and interactive reports, empowering businesses to uncover insights and boost profitability.

At Polestar Solutions, our Power BI Analytics Services have helped enterprises quickly visualize and derive actionable insights from their data to address the data analytics needs and challenges as fast as possible. Also, with the help of our seasoned practitioners we’ve conducted 20+ on-demand Workshops till date.

Why Partner with Polestar Solutions for Power BI Services?

Our Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

Power BI Implementation
Power BI Implementation

Our Power BI services start with data analysis and authentication to deliver a full-scale enterprise-class business intelligence solution. Based on the results, we swiftly move forward with Power BI implementation setup and deployment.

Power BI Advisory
Power BI Advisory

Our Power BI experts advise you to formulate an optimum Business Intelligence strategy for your business with the most feasible technology stack that utilizes your existing setup without compromising quality. We provide a realistic estimate & execution plan in line with your enterprise needs.

Power BI Embedded Analytics
Power BI Embedded Analytics

With Power BI embedded services, get amazing visuals, dashboards, and reports across all your current applications or websites. Easy data navigation helps business persons to make rapid and informed decisions. 

Power BI Advanced Analytics
Power BI Advanced Analytics

Power BI professionals integrate machine learning features with advanced analytics. Our data science professionals help you visualize machine learning algorithm results by just dragging, dropping, and linking data modules.

User Enablement & Workshop
User Enablement & Workshop

Our certified Power BI experts conduct end-user training for analysts and technical users before handing over the solution to improve adoption rates. On-demand Power BI Training to learn in-depth features of Power BI.

Power BI Dashboard Development
Power BI Dashboard Development

We help you optimize Power BI dashboard development via interactive report creation and customized design. It's a silo of data models to manage business processes and make immediate decisions.

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions Every Day with Power BI Consulting

  • Identify market trends, forecast potential risks, and prevent data anomalies
  • Accelerate decision-making process
  • Enhanced, unified Reporting to improve operational efficiency
  • Optimize Power BI Desktop for data analysis & visualization
  • Use SQL Server Integration Services to improve ETL performance
  • Prioritize advanced, rapid analysis services with 3Vs of data (volume, velocity, and variety)
  • Drive new sales, maximize profitability, sales, and revenues

Analytics to Value: Power BI for Different Industry Verticals

Polestar's years of expertise edged with Power BI's proven ability is best suited to unique business needs from different industry verticals.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

CPG companies can grow market share by understanding underlying geographic & demographic conditions, brand vision, and SKU data to discover key areas to be worked on. Further, visualize data to analyze crucial KPIs like cross-selling opportunities, customer bhevaiour, etc.


Our manufacturing solutions for price optimization, demand forecasting, and preventive maintenance help manufacturers track key supply chain performance indicators like process efficiency, machine utilization, etc. even by utilizing the data science capabilities of Azure.


View a comprehensive report on your company's revenue figures, company sales, monthly revenue percentages, quarter segment sales, and category-wise sales. Based on the report, you can make critical financial decisions about business expenditure, budgeting, profitability, etc.


Create an incentive planning dashboard for your sales team to adjust compensation and make incentive plans based on your team’s performance accordingly. Also, we provide real-time analytics for geographic data with visualizations for an expanding number of sales closers.


With Power BI in place, retailers can view market & performance analysis to gain an in-depth understanding of customer behavior, inventory, POS, channels, and pricing to maximize sales and profitability.


Role-based access with embedded attributes
Superior accessibility along with drag and drop features
Retire legacy applications
Powerful connectivity with data refresh and continuous updates
Better data security and management
Mobile and desktop compatible solution
Increased productivity
Open reporting to multiple users

Stay Ahead of Your Peers with Custom BI Solutions

We offer our expertise to analyze your existing data to help you build custom BI solutions and enable you to:

Get visibility to crucial business KPIs

Monitor your business KPIs and make smart decisions quickly.

Gain higher data reliability for analytics

Get reliable data performance by augmenting diverse datasets into a single source of truth.

Craft dashboards for multiple users

Create dashboards and give people access to your reports and dashboards easily

Drill down for root-cause analysis

View data through intuitive visualizations across multiple dimensions.

Client Success Stories

Largest Indian B2B Marketplace Optimizes Sales Reporting With Amazon Redshift & Microsoft Power BI
Largest Indian B2B Marketplace Optimizes Sales Reporting With Amazon Redshift & Microsoft Power BI

Our client is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in India. Different segments of buyers and suppliers starting from SMEs, MSMEs to large corporates and even individuals...

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KPO Multi-National Infused Trust And Transparency With Snowflake & Power BI Based Workforce Management Solution
KPO Multi-National Infused Trust And Transparency With Snowflake & Power BI Based Workforce Management Solution

Our client is a fast-growing Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firm that primarily offers staffing for a range of administrative and financial services to insurance companies...

Explore our success story
Consumer Goods Multinational Enabled Effectiveness In Reporting And Decision Making With Power BI
Consumer Goods Multinational Enabled Effectiveness In Reporting And Decision Making With Power BI

Our client is a multinational & world-renowned Consumer goods company. These large organisations inherit some highly complex processes and our client...

Explore our success story

Client Testimonials

  • New Look Vision Group, Canada

What stands out for me is the Polestar Solutions team’s approach. These folks do not just limit themselves to operational tasks, but they bring their own ideas and thoughts into the activities.

Sikandar AzamSenior Director - New Look Vision Group
  • General Manager - Paytm

They were able to understand our business processes and successfully elicit requirements from our team. The solution they delivered helped us standardize catalog processing & reduce manual efforts which resulted in cost & performance optimizations.

Nehul MalhotraGeneral Manager - Paytm
  • ERS, HCL Tech

We have been associated with Polestar Solutions for the last 3.5 years and we are extremely pleased with their services & resources. The business intelligence dashboard developed by them has empowered our users across Sales, Delivery & HR functions. The kind of expertise Polestar have, is commendable.

Rahul GuptaERS, HCL Tech
  • General Manager IT - HCL Infosystem

The highlights of the implementation process were comprehensive requirement gathering and setting up a fully thought-out feedback mechanism. Their constant involvement and high-quality implementation made them the partner of choice for organization-wide implementation.

Deepankar SrivastavaGeneral Manager IT - HCL Infosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is robust encryption in Power BI for both data at rest and data in transit. There are three levels of encryption to protect sensitive data: data in transit, data in use, and data at rest. The data at rest is encrypted in Azure BIob Storage as well as Azure SQL DB.

Organizations benefit from Business Intelligence (BI) platforms like Microsoft Power BI by gaining insight into customer behavior and shopping patterns, improving operational efficiency, and tracking sales, marketing, and financial performance accurately. You should definitely explore the Power BI platform if you are looking for BI tools.

Using Microsoft-managed keys, all data persisted by Power BI is encrypted by default. Using Azure SQL's Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) technology, all customer data stored in Azure SQL Databases is fully encrypted. By using Azure Storage Encryption, Azure Blob storage stores customer data securely.

Power BI Premium allows organizations to encrypt data at rest that is imported into a dataset using their own keys. Bring your own key (BYOK) is often described as this approach.

Power BI dashboards and visualizations are our specialty, and Polestar Solution has expertise in designing and developing Power BI dashboards. Polestar Solution offers Power BI developers and data visualization experts like BAs, architects and project managers with prior experience in your industry. Since we are a highly regarded software company, we offer our services to customers across a wide range of industries.

At Polestar Solutions, we help companies quickly visualize and derive actionable insights from their data to address their data analytics needs and challenges. Polestar Solution specializes in Power BI data visualization and reports, and we have a wealth of experience in designing and developing Power BI dashboards. Additionally, we have conducted more than 20 on-demand business discovery workshops with our seasoned practitioners to enable data practitioners to make the most of their Power BI investments.

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