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Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services

Peel Into Your Historical Data To Reveal Hidden Insights With Our Enterprise Business Intelligence Consulting Services

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Our gamut of Business Intelligence (BI) Services encompass BI Consulting, data management (with Data warehousing & Data Lake), data visualization & reporting, diagnostics of existing analytics setup and adoption enhancements with smart enablers, extensions & end-user training. Polestar will help your business make better decisions by providing expert-level business intelligence (BI) services.


Our Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Consulting
Business Intelligence Consulting

Polestar business intelligence consulting services can help your company optimize your business intelligence systems. From data warehousing and analysis to reporting and visualization, our BI consultants can manage and deliver your engagement. Effective business intelligence services can provide companies with analysis and reporting to support the following aspects of your business:

  • KPIs and balanced scorecards to help manage operations
  • Timely, even real-time, analysis and reporting that is secure
  • Gain a better understanding of customers and clients.
  • Financial, operational, sales and marketing process improvement and optimization
  • Financial reporting and consolidations
  • Market research and brand analysis
BI as a Service
BI as a Service

BI & Analytics as a Service (BIAaaS) allows our clients to utilize our BI and Analytics experts to advance their analytic complexity level and create new possibilities for their organization. With BI as a Service we'll help you transform your data into actionable intelligence so you can extract powerful insights and make better business decisions.

  • Analytics solution design.
  • Development of the analytics solution’s components (DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP, reports and dashboards), data management procedures setup, etc.
  • Analytics solution support and administration.
  • In 1-5 days you get:
  • Access to predefined reports.
  • Self-service analytics to enable ad hoc reporting.
  • Alerting of the agreed type.
BI Implementation & Development
BI Implementation & Development

Offering a cost-effective and low risk service, Polestar’s BI implementation experts can help those companies reach their goals both rapidly and successfully.

  • Development of the BI solution components (a data lake, DWH, OLAP cubes, reports and dashboards).
  • ETL processes setup.
  • Reports and dashboards design.
  • Data management procedures (master data/metadata management, data quality assurance, data security, etc.).
  • Data quality assurance procedures, etc.
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BI Support and Diagnostic
BI Support and Diagnostic

Polestar has the experience and know-how needed in today’s highly complex BI and Data support environments. With the ability to support a myriad of BI platforms and databases, Polestar can provide a comprehensive support solution that will drive incident and ticket occurence down, while also reducing total cost of ownership. Polestar 24/7 Premium BI support can be tailored to the needs of your organizations BI and Data needs

  • Development support:
    1. Troubleshooting on the code level (e.g., rewriting a faulty ETL process).
    2. Evolution (adding new data sources, creating new reports, etc.).
  • Administration support (updating software, adding new users, handling permissions, administering data).
  • Power BI support services.

Client Success Stories

BPO Giant Improves Data Governance To Achieve Unrelenting Growth With Power BI
BPO Giant Improves Data Governance To Achieve Unrelenting Growth With Power BI

Our client is a leader in operation management, consulting and analytics with its services ranging across a broad array of industries like insurance, healthcare, banking & financial services, utilities, travel, transportation & logistics.

Fastest Growing FMCG Brand Streamlines Sales Data And Reporting System With MSBI And Power BI
Fastest Growing FMCG Brand Streamlines Sales Data And Reporting System With MSBI And Power BI

Our client is an Indian food delivery company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is India's largest and fastest-growing food services company, with a network of 1400+ restaurants...

Largest Indian B2B Marketplace Optimizes Sales Reporting With Amazon Redshift & Microsoft Power BI
Largest Indian B2B Marketplace Optimizes Sales Reporting With Amazon Redshift & Microsoft Power BI

Our client is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in India. Different segments of buyers and suppliers starting from SMEs, MSMEs to large corporates and even individuals use the platform...


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Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence solutions help organizations move towards data-driven decision-making, providing flexibility and agility to help them perform at peak potential every day. Turn data into actionable insights with interactive dashboarding and reporting.

We conduct a detailed Data Discovery workshop in the initial stages of talks to assess all your data needs to give personalized optimal solutions. With our expertise as Business Intelligence Consulting partners, we select the best tools as per your current and future data requirements.

We are fully committed to data privacy and meeting our client’s requirements. We sign an NDA or a Non-disclosure agreement with each and every one of our clients, to ensure confidentiality and trust with our employers.

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