Previous Bodhi Sessions with Leaders:

    For this episode of Bodhi, we had Global Head of HR Tech & Operations Mr. Diwakar Loshali at Oerlikon as our guest.

    Through this insightful session, we've explored the critical principles that underpin HR's success: transparency, governance, compliance and many more.

    Further, he opined on how integration and automation plays a critical role in the infrastructure. Discovered how GenAI, the fusion of AI and HR, is driving innovation and transformation within the field.


    We were joined by Mr. Manish Airen, Group Lead - Supply Chain Management at Panasonic for being a part of our BODHI sessions.

    He touched upon subject areas like change in post-pandemic consumerism, Breaking down the product at multiple hierarchies for configuration to Flexibility in product planning beyond traditional ERPs and Impact of socio-economic and political issues on supply chain.

    The conversation came to a conclusion with a quick look into the (ESG) measures taken by the enterprise.


    In our recent Bodhi episode, we hosted Mr. Prasad Varahabhatla - Sr Director, Sales Incentive Operations at Philips.

    He inspired us with his insights on Generative AI, sales complexities, process excellence, and their fusion within the realm of Digital Transformation are inspiring. His invaluable quotes and wisdoms like the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and fostering a strong curiosity to drive the transformation and optimization of processes would stay with us for long.


    We had Mr. Suvendu Roy, Regional Data and Decision Science Lead - Bayer | Crop Science, who joined us in Bodhi to speak about 'Digitizing Agriculture.' With data-driven technologies leading the world, agriculture is not left behind too.

    He enlightined us about how data-driven technologies such as sensors, drones, satellite imagery, and machine learning are leveraged to collect and analyze information about crop health, soil conditions, weather patterns, and other factors that affect farming.


    In this episode of our Bodhi Series, we were Joined by Mr. Ramaswamy P V, Global CIO & Head of Cybersecurity at Virtusa. In this eagerly awaited event, he explored CXO expectations in enterprise analytics endeavors and strategies for aligning these initiatives with stakeholder needs.

    He further shared some very pertinent and never heard secrets of a great analytics delivery principles with our in-house teams.


    "Every technology follows a journey in four phases, excitement, exaggeration, reality check, and ultimately finding its place in real-life use cases." - Mr. Rajesh M. Kulkarni - IFC & Finance Tech, COE at Bajaj Finance Ltd. on our Bodhi platform.

    He further shed light on the evolution of technologies like RPA, blending the power of Excel, SQL, ESB, and more while extending it to the application of AI and cloud in revolutionizing daily operations, conquering challenges and automating tasks along the way.


    In this session, Mr. Mosesraj R - CIO & MD of Brillio spoke on the areas around Value Delivery through Customer Success, touching around segments like:

    • Be in line with the need - to ascertain value
    • Working in the next curve to maximise options for unlocking value
    • Thinking divergent to break conventional barriers
    • Measure adoption to continual alignment of value