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Analytics Solutions for Consumer Durables Industry

Helping businesses understand their customers, optimize operations, and improve business performance

Disruptive technologies, agile market entrants, and new business models are transforming the way consumers shop, what they buy and how they live. The entire landscape is evolving; consumer durables companies must find the right balance between success today and growth tomorrow. Polestar Solutions offers its consumer durables consulting expertise, ensuring you stay there. As agility and consumer intimacy become ever more critical, we'll help you navigate disruption, anticipate risks and remain an industry leader.

01 Category Performance and Forecasting
  • Identify and understand customers within each product category
  • Trigger market and segmentation data
  • Create driver-based forecasts in-store display and advertising.
  • Deep insight into cost and profitability drivers through working capital and spend analytics
02 Supply chain and manufacturing
  • Optimize material, production, and distribution plans
  • Enhance speed to market,
  • Create custom products and services to boost market responsiveness,
  • Accuracy in inventory & profitability
03 Strategy & Network Design
  • Determine the right number and size of factories and distribution centers.
  • Choose the right number and geography of suppliers.
  • Evaluate alternative modes of transportation.
  • Locate and size inventory buffers.
04 Cost management
  • Leverage data-enabled insights
  • Understand real-time costs
  • Continually reallocate expenses
  • Prioritize the growth areas and strategic investments.

Find Answers To Your Business Requirements

With our analytics consulting approach you can better forecast and predict the demand of the customer, you can smooth out the noise in the supply chain, allowing your planners to gain a better view on what is expected of manufacturing teams.


Our data management solutions tear down humongous volumes of data into actionable customer insights. This will help your business understand shifts in customer behavior, make data-driven decisions, formulate conversion metrics, and strategize for retention and advocacy.

Our professionals assist clients perform a detailed competitor analysis to differentiate themselves from others while also determining hurdles and opportunities from their industry environment.

Our Key Offerings

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

We build Data analytics solutions to deliver last-mile adoption of insights and impact based on the changing customer needs, enabling opportunities to optimize cost and maximize ROI while offering real-time visibility of your business across the value chain.

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Data Lake Development
Data Lake Development

We help you harness key data sources across business functions such as supply chain data, revenue management data, POS data, customer churn data, marketing data, and more to glean more effective cross-functional analytics to power new connected experiences.

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Data warehouse modernization
Data warehouse modernization

We help you accelerate your time-to-consumer insights and solve today’s FMCD analytics processes by moving from any on-premises or cloud data warehouse.

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Forecasting and Demand Planning
Forecasting and Demand Planning

Demand planning and forecasting is a very intensive process involving several disparate functions. We help you synchronize decision-making across departments to move away from shipment-based budgeting and produce the right product in the right size and quantity.

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Client Success Stories

Reduced data lead and refresh time from 25 mins to a mere 22 secs for a Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Component Manufacturer

The manufacturer was struggling with lower analytics adoption due to slow and in-accurate reporting. Read how we helped them salvage the situation and re-ignite their faith in Qlik


Gain Value From Analytics & Planning Solutions For Consumer Durables

Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh

Senior Vice President & Head
Consumer Durables Solutions

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