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Analytics Solutions For Automotive Industry

Planning & Analytics Solutions for Automotive Industry

Fuel innovation and seamless collaborations amongst OEMs, suppliers, dealers and end customers with data-backed automotive analytics to your well-oiled business machinery.

For a smooth functioning automotive company, data has established itself as an equal if not the most essential commodity. The US automotive market is a mature one and plying in a cash-heavy market like it is, objective, data backed decision making is of paramount importance.

The industry is witnessing an evolving relationship between automakers and IT providers. Fueled by the decreasing cost of collecting and analyzing data from vehicles and customers, automotive manufacturers are enabling new ways to drive business optimization with robust enterprise planning, demand forecasting and supply chain management.

01 Demand & Quality Management

With the demand trends volatile, sometime replicating economic trends and other times seasonality, a well forecasted demand trend helps delivering quality and well tested products

  • Rolling forecasts to collaborate and put an attainable plan of action
  • Quality and assurance testing
  • Analyzing customer complaints and return reasons to identify bottlenecks
  • Market analysis and intelligence to be on top of customer sentiments
02 Vendors & Supply Chain Optimizations

With global automobile production networks, better visibility into the production cycle, inventory and depletion rates is crucial.

  • Visibility on stocks in-transit and at stores for effective collaboration
  • Vendor scorecarding for data-backed sourcing decisions
  • Real-time or regular dashboard and reports update for better procurement decisions
  • Deadheads and empty miles reductions for optimized logistics cost
03 Sales Promotion & Marketing Mix

Gauging customer sentiments, keeping them engaged pre & post-sales & building intelligence is crucial for sales & marketing

  • Keeping the customer engaged to capture the mindshare & gauge behaviors
  • Analyzing and striking a conversation at an opportune moment reduces the efforts and costs
  • Promotional sales schemes & personalized offers for quicker conversion
04 Costs & Financials Tracking

In a cash-intensive industry like automotive that operates on a negative working capital, maintaining a strict watch over the costs is extremely crucial.

  • Maintaining a prudent approach to credit and financial ratios
  • With several cost-centers in the manufacturing setup a realistic view is important for the office of finance
  • Collating information contained across files, logs, customer receipts and making sense of direct/indirect costs

Leverage our Services to solve Automotive industry challenges

We make our automotive clients leverage technologies like data analytics, cloud, big data to help them achieve top and bottom line growth. We deliver solutions that leverages data relevant to your business to deliver answers to questions like:

By tying customer complaints data from the CRMs and survey forms, automakers can understand the reasons behind the origination of these issues and map it to the sources. It could be traced back to the supplier/vendor components or to faulty communication via sales or marketing channels leading to false expectations.


Our Services For Automotive Industry

Business Intelligence

Analyze your business data and visualize them in easy-to-understand dashboards and reports for business decision-making. Our business analysts and visualization experts ensure visibility for persona-wise KPIs into your BI dashboards. Furthermore, we offer user-trainings to help the business users understand and adopt the platform.

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Data Engineering

Our comprehensive IT services for the Automotive industry includes master data management, Managed Services, cloud and on-premise hosting of your business data. We expertise in building enterprise-grade data repositories such as a data lake or data warehousing services suited to your enterprise growing needs.

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Data Analytics

Our data analytics services for automobile manufacturers include the complete array from descriptive, predictive to prescriptive. We help you set up processes for predictive maintenance, downtime scheduling, OEE monitoring and more to have a better understanding of your business health backed by your own data.

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Enterprise Performance Management

With multiple moving parts in your business machinery, bringing all the key stakeholders on a single platform could make all the difference. Business planning has emerged as a necessity in the current volatile timings, our planning solutions help you forecast, analyze scenarios and course-correct to help your business remain on track.

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Client Success Stories

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Reduced data lead and refresh time from 25 mins to a mere 22 secs for a Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Component Manufacturer

The manufacturer was struggling with lower analytics adoption due to slow and in-accurate reporting. Read how we helped them salvage the situation and re-ignite their faith in Qlik


Gain Value From Analytics & Planning Solutions For Automotive

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