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Harnessing Data & Analytics Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Harnessing Data & Analytics Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Redefine your pharma and life sciences business with data-led planning and decision-making for enhanced sourcing, quality & compliance adherence.

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Unlock the Potential of Business Data Management with a Winning Digital-First Strategy

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences are moving towards a patient-centric approach. They directly impact the living standards of mankind. Thus, it is often at a cross-section where production at speed is required along with stringent but necessary regulatory and compliance requirements. That is why expert guidance is needed to help these industries identify market size, expected uptake curve, and drive the next phase of innovation.

Polestar Solutions helps you develop technology solutions that feed on your data to address complex challenges like performance reporting, marketing mix, and campaign measurement to drive profitability and expand your business capacity.

01 Supply & Distribution Management

To maintain an ideal storage condition and holding of the drug is crucial for the pharma and life sciences industry. But with ever- increasing distribution network, a reliable technology solution is a key to transparent monitoring coordination with the vendor networks:

  • Vendor performance scorecards for objective raw material sourcing decisions
  • Reporting of consignment handling and damages to utilize costs
  • Existing market evaluation & expansion scope to create geographical
  • Reverse logistics and root causes’ analysis to avoid future occurrences
02 Production & Budget Planning

The volatile demand regarding seasonal infections or unforeseen medical conditions in the industry can have a localized or a broader impact. The advancements and transformations in consumption patterns require pharma and life sciences organizations to reinvent and stay abreast of the competition.

  • Capacity planning basis the supply-demand pull
  • Schedule and track cost associated and budgetary obligations
  • Incorporate IoT data for equipment efficiency and eradicate downtime risks
  • Analysis of indirect costs, overheads, and R&D for robust financial planning
03 Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

The pharmaceutical industry and life sciences companies are highly fragmented and competition comes in different variations in terms of generic drugs to APIs to various governance protocols for countries. A data-led approach to assisting and enabling the field force, encouraging them and determining the market forces to embrace a multi-channel marketing strategy is of supreme importance.

  • Sales quota (territory-wise) allocation linked to regional demands
  • Transparent ICM (Incentive and Compensation Planning) for the field force
  • Ensuring effective store placements and sales campaign execution
  • Analysis of trends and sentiment to monitor marketing channel efficacy
  • Capture patient data of interest through Social & Search Engine Listening
04 Quality And Compliance Adherence

In the industry where human lives depend on its product quality and potency, the need for safety measures and their adherence couldn’t be more important. We strictly follow the protocols and cater to such high standards and demand technology intervention to make life easier for researchers, biotechnologists, doctors, etc.

  • Raw material data analysis with production batches to report trends
  • Clinical data analysis to spot trends and expedite drug discovery
  • Benchmark industry standards and create guidelines for adherence
  • Maintain and report quality logs linked with regulatory norms

Leverage Our Services to Address Key Pharma and Life Sciences Challenges

With use of pharmaceutical analytics, we help enterprises unleash hidden answers to some key challenges like

The monthly demands and sales projections are helpful in deciding the stocks of raw materials and finished goods. Further, it helps determine the territory-wise customer trends and provide more focused and targeted SKUs. A detailed analysis of primary, secondary, and tertiary sales data provides insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or sales promotions.

Leaders in pharmaceutical space leverage Incentive and compensation plan (ICM) for retaining and motivating the field force. The pharma industry is heavily dependent on its field force and thus, faces a lot of flux in attracting and retaining the right talent. ICM is considered one of the key drivers for sales force productivity. We help you devise a healthy ICM for your salesforce to drive maximum productivity & efficiency.

With various channels, partners, contract employees and multiple categories of transactions (B2B, B2C and B2B2C) happening, the financial consolidation in this industry is very tedious. It is vital to define the master data to further capture and clean the information. The governed bodies make it an uphill task by imposing strict regulations and demanding ad-hoc reports. Our team helps you set up a proven FP&A practice.

Our Services For Pharma & Life Sciences Industry

Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting

In the continuously evolving healthcare industry, our techno functional experts combine deep pharma expertise, robust methodologies and strategic frameworks to help you choose the right technology aligned with your business needs. Our Pharma industry experts assist you to leverage analytics in order to address the most difficult challenges.

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Data Management
Data Management

While there is a sheer volume of scientific data generated every day, the challenge is to effectively leverage the data to gain strategic advantage. Thanks to our holistic data management strategy that helps users identify data quality issues and resolve them in real-time. With data management practices, pharma leaders can yield results faster and more efficiently.

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Data Analytics
Data Analytics

From manufacturing to patient trials to supply and market demand trends, every drug development organization requires data assessment. However, it only stays in silos, thereby restricting its utility. By implementing data & analytics in pharmaceuticals, we help you make more informed business decisions and significantly improve outcomes.

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Business Planning
Business Planning

Having a sound business strategy will help leaders to optimize R&D spending in the pharma space. We embrace the concept of agile scenario planning to help our clients navigate a volatile and complex environment and improve outcomes. With business planning in place, clients can deliver on objectives without jeopardizing the time-to-market.

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What Sets Polestar Solutions Apart?

Technology and analytics

Our winning corporate narrative emphasizes technology and analytics to re-engineer information strategy and refine data into actionable business insights. Further, these insights are used for long-term business optimization and decision-making.

Strategy and activation

We build customer experiences around strategy and technology to activate, optimize, and measure in-market business outcomes for our clients. By integrating an effective strategy in business, we help businesses capture their real value.

Real-world expertise

At Polestar Solutions, we blend next-generation technology with industry leading healthcare expertise to resolve business challenges, achieve operational excellence and create unmatched business value.

Client Success Stories

Global Pharmaceuticals
Global Pharmaceuticals firm achieved (T-1) variance reporting by reinventing financial budgeting and business planning with Anaplan

The pharma firm was struggling to support the growing business complexities and incongruities in its budgeting process. See how we helped them switch to an agile planning solution that brings every business stakeholders on a single platform.


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