TopDevelopers Announces Polestar Solutions As A Top Big Data Analytics Company Of 2020

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    TopDevelopers.co, a B2B directory and review service, recently announced its Top Big Data Analytics Service Providers 2020. Noida-based Polestar Solutions featured on that list giving it recognition as one of the most proficient Data Analytics companies of the year.

    Big Data Analytics is one of the most promising industry trends, owing to the voluminous data generated both by internal (operational, sensors, conferences) and external stakeholders (purchases, social media interactions, feedbacks, etc.) of any business. Polestar Solutions realized this trend way earlier, and have since been well-positioned to help organizations unlock the potential of their data.

    Polestar Solutions' determination towards adapting to new technologies and helping companies in their digital transformation journeys has helped in establishing it as one of the most efficient Big Data Analytics Companies in the IT industry.

    Polestar Solutions’ journey started when 3 technocrats combined their over 50 years’ worth of expertise to lead businesses on this digitization path. It aims to deliver innovative technology solutions to various enterprises, enabling them to stay ahead of the disruption cycle in the data analytics domain.

    Having the right team in place allows Polestar Solutions’ to finish projects satisfactorily and within the stipulated time, thus, helping it gain an enviable repeat business ratio of 80%. Over the years, Polestar Solutions has worked with a wide variety of clientele from industries like -

    • Consumer Durables
    • IT/ITeS
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • E-commerce
    • Senior Housing

    Additionally, working with Fortune 500 &Fortune 1000 companies helped Polestar Solutions in enriching itself with invaluable experience of understanding business complexities across industry and functions. For instance, it has helped one of the largest non-alcoholic bottlers in the Asia-Pacific region in reducing their turnaround time. Thus, helping them in attaining the required information about their process within hours instead of days. Visit the case studies section to learn more such interesting stories.

    Big Data Analytics is the prime focus area, which has helped it gain a reputation as a top Big Data Analytics solutions provider. Do visit Polestar Solution's profile on TopDevelopers.co to know more.

    TopDevelopers.co is a widely respected B2B directory and review service providing company in the IT industry. The company identifies the most prominent IT solutions providers by analysing them on various parameters.

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