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Data Analytics Services For Senior Housing & Assisted Living

Data Analytics Services For Senior Housing & Assisted Living

Forecast future demand and bring effective planning to offer top-in-class Facilities for customers & combine with detailed data analysis to stay ahead of the competition

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Make data driven decisions to provide optimum solutions for your facilities

The Senior Housing industry has been constantly evolving over the past decade. The decreasing occupancy rates, increase in labour related expenses along with the rise in competitors have posed immense pressure for service providers to provide best facilities in this industry to stay ahead of competition. For such provision, it is important to harness the data collected and we can transform your data to do the following:

01 Cost Management

With effective cost analysis, identifying key areas to work on can help with both Revenue Management and increase productivity. It can also help with

  • Forecasted Revenue per Occupied room based on multiple scenarios
  • Deep-diving into the facilities provision
  • Pricing model for multiple services and real-estate valuation
  • What-if scenarios with predictive analytics for multiple revenue forecasts
02 Vendor Management Solutions

With the multiple stakeholders involved optimizing capital costs & having streamlined operations is important to have accelerated project delivery this involves

  • Lead Funnel Management
  • Customer satisfaction measurement
  • Improve Workflows and Staffing
  • Predict resource needs to plan ahead of time
  • Personalized Subcontractor management for resource flows
03 Resident Healthcare

Proactive care is essential to build trust and confidence with both the family members and the residents. For this, a healthier experience is created with

  • Gauging physical, medical, the behavioral status of each resident
  • Manage IoT devices data
  • Rent Analytics & Additional Assisted Property Services
  • Sentiment & Cluster Analysis for bundling various services
04 Enterprise solutions

For both resident management and improve the bandwidth of the organization to provide a seamless experience, our services include

  • Data Engineering & Infrastructure Support
  • DWH & Data Lake Solutions for effective data analysis
  • Paperless Agreements & efficient trail management
  • Unified Data Storage and Reporting systems

Leverage our Services to solve Senior Housing industry challenges

With data analytics and connected planning we help our Assisted Living and Senior Housing clientele the best available tools and technologies ranging from Business Intelligence to Connected Planning which includes challenges like

The Institute of Aging recommends sensors embedded in Internet of Things (IoT) devices to help the elderly. By monitoring and finding trends in the data- For example. identified sleep heart rates that rise above 90 beats per minute can be taken as a red flag - can help the senior living caregivers opportunity to monitor and support the residents while preserving independence.

With analytics in Senior Housing, it is possible to identify the possible individual churn with the residents. It can be done by Bucketing or Clustering the profiles of various tenants based on their possible risk based on their profile and history of activities. Preventive measures can be taken on the clusters with high profile risk.

With connected Planning evaluate multiple potential development sites with multiple Key performance indicators to identify the optimal location and determine the best possible positioning for the site based on the parameters. You can also visualize the multiple competitor mapping and/or previous residence of the clients for a better understanding.

Our Services For Senior Housing Industry

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Visualize and streamline Dashboarding, Reporting, and Analysis of KPIs like Revenue per occupied room, Vacancy rate, Churn rate, Occupancy rates, etc. and attain portfolio-wide visibility of your past and ongoing trends in your data

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Data Engineering
Data Engineering

Our comprehensive IT services for the Senior Housing Industry include Managed Services, IT Outsourcing, Infrastructure, and Support. With our Data Lake and Data Warehousing services, we help you choose the best for your organization

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Data Analytics
Data Analytics

By analyzing historical data, organizations can make forecasts about maintenance costs, tenant demand, and occupancy. Also, understand parameters that are likely to result in a lead conversion or increase in length of stay using advanced analytics

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Enterprise Performance Management
Enterprise Performance Management

With a unified Connected Planning approach leverage the power of data to have data-driven decision-making. Effectively plan multiple scenarios with various stakeholders by changing parameters and communicate results with stakeholders easily with reports

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Client Success Stories

Data Management & Analytics Services for a Large US-based Assisted Living Company
Data Management & Analytics Services for a Large US-based Assisted Living Company

Worked closely with client’s Database Management team to collate, extract data from all the facilities and built a consolidated Data Warehouse. For Business decision-making, we developed an analytical solution that helped the client to analyze the trend like census, occupancy & length of stay rate on a YTD & level of care basis.

Delivered a Powerful Forecasting Solution for a Senior Housing Firm
Delivered a Powerful Forecasting Solution for a Senior Housing Firm

We extracted the data residing across facilities, transformed and tagged the data for proper metadata management. We developed a forecasting solution for future trends based on linear regression of historical data and presented the findings in the form of interactive Power BI Dashboards.

Advanced Analytics Solution for a US-based Care & Medical Facilities Investment Trust
Advanced Analytics Solution for a US-based Care & Medical Facilities Investment Trust

Helped this multi-billion dollar Real Estate Investment Trust in establishing a well-governed data warehouse. Further, we developed an advanced analytical solution that factored in demography & locational data to assist them with optimizing the existing investment and identifying the properties for investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Senior Housing industry, though Data is being collected there is no proper mechanism to collect, store, and analyze the data. Most of the data being collected is dispersed across siloes or in spreadsheets making streamlined decision-making difficult. Another challenge faced is wrt to the Workforce planning with the existing data capabilities.

Some of the KPIs in Senior Housing Analytics both wrt to the Sales and Marketing, and Occupancy are:

  • MQL to SQL conversion rates
  • SQL-to-opportunity conversion rate
  • Opportunity-to-Move in conversion rates
  • Response times
  • Attrition rates
  • Care and Quality checks

With most Senior Housing organizations, it is important to lay the data foundation in the form of Good Data Management practices and principles by having Data warehouses and/or Data Lakes in practice. Then with the existing data, you can streamline operations, reduce TAT, decrease staffing issues, improve costs, track demographic data, etc. with Data Analytics and reporting.

By Data we mean effective storage and analytics of Data in Senior Housing. The once manual and siloed processes can be streamlined and leveraged to create new insights. You can create bundled packages, paperless agreements, predictive analytics for maintenance expenses, tenant demand, etc. which would help in predicting staff attrition, improving conversion speed, and length of stay.

With experts having technical, technological, and Senior Housing industry expertise, Polestar Solutions emerges as one of the best partners for your Data Management and Data Analytics solution implementation. With our detailed Data Discovery Workshop, we believe in a customer-centric approach to identifying the solutions and choosing the further roadmap based on your needs.

Gain Value From Analytics & Planning Solutions For Senior Housing

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Varun Garg

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