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Empowering Manufacturing Industry with Data Analytics

Empowering Manufacturing Industry with Data Analytics

Improve productivity, reduce costs, and minimize risk with manufacturing analytics for planning & decision-making to efficiently manage & optimize processes across the value chain

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Reimagine Manufacturing Industry with Data Analytics to Deliver Operational Excellence

The manufacturing industry is subject to facing staggering regulations, the emergence of advanced technologies, the competitive landscape, and other key market drivers. Industry 4.0 encompasses a promise of a new industrial revolution, data analytics for manufacturing and other novel technologies are all set to transform operations and data capturing methods at every touchpoint. But the real question is do we fully leverage the potential of captured data?

Are you using the data to execute the core business functions?

01 Predictive Equipment

Machines are the right hand of a manufacturing plant, ensuring a routine check on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and taking corrective actions for sustained business performance.

  • Predict Machinery's non-optimal performance to avoid any disruptions
  • Avoid extreme situations for significant cost reductions
  • Ensure availability of necessary spare parts
  • Schedule and plan downtimes to save time & effort

02 Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization

Given the ever-changing global & consumer demand, supply chains have become increasingly complex and thorough analysis and planning have become more of a critical necessity.

  • Keeping track of inventories in real-time and visibility of commodities
  • Third-party vendor networking and management
  • Formulate a solid procurement plan to reduce risk and volatility
  • Conduct what-if analysis to reduce deadhead and empty miles

03 Warehouse & SKU Rationalization

With SKU Rationalization in business, you can streamline the amount and types of finished goods inventory you have in your store. Also, you can lay out product requirements and provide consistent labels to each product.

  • Predicting customer demand for optimum inventory stocks
  • Scenario planning to determine seasonal demands
  • Supplier Collaboration And Vendor Score carding for proactive fulfilments
  • Assessing criteria like inventory turnover carry cost, returns, etc

04 Production Planning & Process Efficiency

Implement a smart data-driven approach across production planning techniques to ensure you spot and resolve operational inefficiencies quickly.

  • Data management and analysis to develop predictive models
  • Optimal pricing & procurement decision-making
  • Call centre efficiency evaluation & adherence to SLAs
  • Hidden expenditures accountability like scarp and overhead
  • Connect cross-functional data to discover inefficiencies

Leverage Our Services To Resolve Key Manufacturing Challenges

Whether its data analytics, cloud solutions, IoT, or planning solution, Polestar Solutions helps its manufacturing clientele unleash the potential of all their technology investments. Our team of experienced professionals provide a solution to leverage your data to address the following problems:

If inventory levels are sub-optimal, transportation costs can be excessive or sales opportunities can be lost. With our manufacturing analytics solutions, it is easier to forecast demand and maintain optimal inventory levels.

Manufacturing setups require sourcing raw materials from different suppliers and OEMs. and suppliers. Sometimes, objectively managing supplier relationships can prove to be tricky. Our data-driven Vendor Scorecard eradicates such challenges.

Maintaining a sound OEE is a blend of supply-demand and business planning. Due to lack of transparency and full visibility, manufacturers often get stuck behind this benchmark. Our manufacturing solutions bring all stakeholders together and prioritize their outcomes.

Our Service Offerings For The Manufacturing Industries

Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting

Our techno-functional experts host brainstorming sessions to help you make the right technology choice across all departments in your manufacturing organization. At Polestar Solutions, you can discuss ways to optimize customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Make the right tech choice and experience tangible business outcomes.

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Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Our data professionals help you harness the power of ever-evolving data and gain actionable insights to help you minimize customer churn and drive customer retention. With Polestar’s manufacturing analytics solutions, manufacturers can identify bottlenecks, forecast customers’ shopping preferences, and future behaviours, and prioritize drivers of customer satisfaction at every touchpoint. This will drive maximum operational productivity as well as profitability.

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Business Planning
Business Planning

Increasingly, business leaders in the manufacturing space are turning to more agile models with multiple scenarios planned. Given the ever-changing customer demands, competitor landscape, and a constant flux of novel technologies, agile scenario modelling and business planning have emerged as key business enablers. Polestar Solutions helps you mitigate the risks involved with demand fluctuations and help you stay ahead of technology trends.

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Data Management
Data Management

We understand the key issues of manufacturing operations to the core. Using our deep expertise in manufacturing, we enable a set of analysis tools - from simple visual charts to more complex analyses. Avail of our custom-fit manufacturing data management solutions and make real-time business decisions to help you achieve higher quality and yield greater productivity.

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Client Success Stories

Reduced data lead and refresh time from 25 mins to a mere 22 secs for a Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Component Manufacturer
Reduced data lead and refresh time from 25 mins to a mere 22 secs for a Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Component Manufacturer

The manufacturer was struggling with lower analytics adoption due to slow and in-accurate reporting. Read how we helped them salvage the situation and re-ignite their faith in Qlik

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Multi Brand Electrical Equipment Company Optimizes Data Storage And Automates Reporting With MSBI And Power BI
Multi Brand Electrical Equipment Company Optimizes Data Storage And Automates Reporting With MSBI And Power BI

Our client is India’s leading Fast-Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) manufacturer, producing a wide range of world-class industrial and consumer.

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Consumer Electronics Giant Streamlined Warehouse Management For Unrivalled Efficiency And Profitability
Consumer Electronics Giant Streamlined Warehouse Management For Unrivalled Efficiency And Profitability

The system delivered bin-wise, product-wise and serial number wise inventory visibility for the Head-office which led to reduced pilferage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By using big data analytics, manufacturing companies can determine the market demand for products more accurately. With the help of Analytics technology, manufacturers can track and trace the entire supply chain, analyze the data, and streamline the entire process. Additionally, the supply chain may be more important for manufacturers than the production process, since inefficiencies can result in losses.

With Polestar Solution Analytics services, various challenges can be overcome, such as:

  • Managing Automation and Human Labor- Companies can use workforce analytics to implement and measure workable staffing solutions, especially as they integrate more automation.
  • Data breaches and cyberattacks- Manufacturers must take these considerations into account, especially as cyberattacks increase. It is important, however, to implement a data solution backed by enterprise-grade security to protect your data.
  • Maintaining low operational costs- Users can respond quickly to ad hoc requests using search-driven analytics. Data visualization models can be embedded in shared workflows and portals for easy reading.

The manufacturing industry can benefit from Analytics in many ways, including:

  • In order to improve the time to market for new materials for next-generation technology nodes.
  • Achieving higher yields.
  • In order to achieve zero defects in the manufacturing of devices.
  • Reducing delays in the supply chain.
  • It is possible for manufacturers to capture, cleanse, and analyze machine data quickly and to reveal insights that can assist them in improving efficiency.

The Key Use Cases for Analytics in Manufacturing are as follows:

  • 1. Inventory optimization:

    Supply chain management involves storing raw materials, coordinating logistics, and distributing products. Data from multiple sources is required for a sound decision-making process.

  • 2. Increasing workforce efficiency & safety:

    Increasingly, companies are implementing digital software and connected devices to reduce the need for manual data collection and documentation.

  • 3. Analyzing customer feedback:

    Data analytics can also help businesses make better decisions. Analyzing feedback, buying patterns, and general market data can help you discover what your customers unconsciously want to tell you.

Big data transforms manufacturing in these three areas:

  • Product quality: Most manufacturing companies prioritize product quality. Although manufacturers already have the quality data necessary to improve, they haven't been able to use it effectively.
  • Maintenance: Real-time operational data can now be collected and analyzed from virtually any machine. In this way, maintenance and prevention can be predicted well in advance.
  • Enterprise comparisons: By analyzing big data, we can quickly identify why production differs at different sites. By developing "what-if" scenarios, manufacturers can predict market futures.

Gain Value From Analytics & Planning Solutions For Manufactuing

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Varun Garg

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