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Discovery workshop

Discovery Workshop: Uncover The Right Solution For Your Business

Delve into a series of interactive sessions with our experts from varied fields to prepare for success with a collaborative Agile discovery phase that captures all of your project's user, business and technical requirements.

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Discovery workshops are the stepping stones that offer a comprehensive understanding of a product & these workshops help collaborate between teams to collect information required to begin a project. At Polestar Solutions, we aim to empathize with users' needs and deliver outcomes that improve the lives of the people they serve. After determining and fully understanding the problem, we search for the apt solution, considering a range of potential solutions. After the best-in-class solution is identified, we scale. Collaborate with real users to improve and close the gap between assumptions and the users' reality.

Identify your as is state, assess your requirements and plan for success.

Vision Alignment &
Understanding As-Is

User workshops to align the vision and solution; contour discussions with User team.


Identify the individual KPIs from business users and augment the same from our knowledge bank.


Presenting the unified To-Be State to the client and any final adjustments will be made to the document

Our Proven Steps To Problem Discovery

Why Polestar Solutions?

We Cover Complete Spectrum Of Data Analytics

Complete Spectrum

Sample Deliverables & Dashboards

Client Success Stories

Reduced data
A Large Consumer Durable company in India Start out a Six-Week Business Discovery Phase with us
  • Finalized KPIs at both – enterprise and department level
  • Low-fidelity wireframes of dashboards
  • Data dictionary along with high-level business logic
  • An end-to-end data integration landscape
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The End Game: Proven Results

A unified and high-Performing Solution

A unified and high-Performing Solution

Stringent Data Privacy & Governance

Stringent Data Privacy & Governance

Empowered with Latest Technologies Stack like AI, ML & Cloud.

Empowered with Latest Technologies Stack like AI, ML & Cloud.

Accomodative to your Future Enterprise Goals

Accomodative to your Future Enterprise Goals

Get started On Your Data Journey with Discovery Workshop

We partner with you to understand your mission-critical business objectives to maximize results and minimize costs. Through our discovery workshops, we help you avoid project failures and achieve project success by meeting your personalized requirements. Fill out this form or contact us on the email ID below to get in touch with our representative today!

Achieve Your Project Success with Our Discovery Workshop

With our mission-critical business objectives, we help you maximize results & minimize costs.

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