RevOps 2.0 Elevating Sales Performace through Data-Driven StrategiesRGM Webinar Series 3 Pricing Analytics
    July 2024
    8:30 PM IST, 11 AM EST

    About this Event:

    RGM Webinar Series 3 on Pricing Analytics


    • Saurabh Singh, CPG & Retail Industry Head
    • Ayush Goel, Lead Commercial Analytics

    Join us for the third installment of our RGM Webinar Series on Pricing Analytics, led by Saurabh Singh and Ayush Goel. This session will cover:

    • Understanding Price Elasticity of Demand: Gain insights into the concept of price elasticity of demand, including its definition and significance in pricing strategies.
    • Importance in Business Decision-Making: Learn why understanding price elasticity is crucial for optimizing pricing strategies, forecasting revenue, managing inventory, and conducting competitive analysis.
    • Key Elements of Price Elasticity: Discover the fundamental components that define price elasticity and how these elements interact to influence consumer behavior.
    • Factors Influencing Price Elasticity: Explore the various factors that can impact the elasticity of demand, including the availability of substitutes, necessity versus luxury status, and time period for adjustment.
    • Use Cases: Examine real-world applications and case studies that demonstrate how businesses have successfully utilized price elasticity insights to drive strategic decision-making.
    • Improvement of Pricing Strategies Post Implementation: Review examples and case studies showcasing the improvements in pricing strategies and overall business performance following the implementation of price elasticity analysis.
    • Leveraging Data for Pricing Analytics: Understand how to harness data analytics to enhance pricing strategies, optimize revenue, and gain a competitive edge in the market.
    • Power BI Visuals for Pricing Analytics: Learn how to use Power BI to visualize and track pricing metrics, providing actionable insights for your pricing team.
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    About the Speaker

    Saurabh Singh
    Saurabh Singh

    CPG & Retail Industry Head at Polestar Solutions

    With over 20 years of experience in the IT and consulting industry, Saurabh is leading a team of over 400 professionals. He specializes in analytics, data warehousing, BI consulting, data modelling, CRM, business development, project management, and business strategy.Saurabh holds an MBA from IIM and his mission is to leverage data and technology to solve complex business problems and create value for clients and stakeholders.

    Ayush Goel
    Ayush Goel

    Lead - Commercial Analytics at Polestar Solutions

    Ayush Goel specializes in transforming sales performance through data-driven insights. With extensive experience in performance management systems and field sales management, Ayush excels at turning complex data into actionable strategies and help businesses optimize their sales processes and achieve growth. And he holds a degree from IIT Dhanbad. Join us to gain valuable insights from Ayush's expertise in the RGM Series on Sales Performance Management.