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BI Consulting Services

BI Consulting Services

Implement the best BI roadmap for your business and unleash the power of your organization-wide data.

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An effective business intelligence (BI) strategy makes organizational data work and unlocks its true potential. At Polestar Solutions we help all fast-growing and visionary organizations to transform their structured and unstructured data residing in silos into actionable and real-time insights. Our BI consulting services extend beyond strategy and design to support data discovery, training, and on-time implementation, to get the most out of your BI investment. With our in-depth experience and cross-industry domain expertise, we can quickly provide you with solutions that guide you on the right path.


Our Strategic BI Consulting Steps Include

Asking why are you building the BI practice for your company and what do you want to achieve to have your vision throughout the implementation

To prevent a change in direction and keep a track of key metrics a BI Governance team would be able to revisit your BI Maturity model effectively

Steps in finding the right BI Strategy

Aligning the people and processes to your vision by establishing a BI team to have a clear view of their roles and responsibilities, functions, and goals

Identifying the right tool suitable for your organization capabilities and needs for a clear BI Architecture with dashboards and solutions you want to build

BI Consulting - Value Proposition

BI Roadmaps & Strategy

Data Quality Management

Executive BI Adoption

Master Data Management

Big Data Implementation and Integrations

Tool Selection

Active Intelligence

Technology Training and User Adoption

Working with Polestar Solution

Sample Deliverables & Dashboards

Our Comprehensive BI Consulting Phases Includes

Discovery Workshop
Discovery Workshop

We work collaboratively to better understand your business and technical requirements while simultaneously sharing our experience and insight on products, methods and best practices. The goal is to gain a common understanding of business needs and problems.

BI Platform Evaluation
BI Platform Evaluation

We help you navigate the complex vendor marketplace and choose the technology stack that is best for your organization, we help you gather requirements, establish selection criteria, and develop and evaluate a vendor short list, ultimately choosing the right technology for your business needs.

Identifying Methodologies
Identifying Methodologies

Once the tool is chosen, By taking advantage of the latest information management tools, we can help stakeholders to truly understand and manage the valuable information needed to make critical decisions depending on the governance and processes

Project Planning
Project Planning

Becoming an information-driven organization is hard work, but a plan can help. By combining all aspects of Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Science, we help map the path to get you there.

BI Implementation
BI Implementation

Throughout our BI implementation services, we will accumulate the knowledge and skills to develop high-quality solutions from the ground up, and implement ETL processes for each of the data sources


In the complete BI implementation Governance, applies the idea that executive support will be forthcoming once you can repeatedly demonstrate value to the business. User training and adjusting existing workflows are important, leading to tangible results in short time periods

Industries We Serve

We started small with a great idea, now we have a bigger footprint and Serve multiple industries across multiple latitudes.

Consumer Goods - FMCG -F&B
Senior Housing
Consumer Durables - Electrical- Electronics
Pharmaceuticals - Life Sciences

Client Success Stories

Reduced data
BPO Giant Improves Data Governance To Achieve Unrelenting Growth With Power BI

Our client is a leader in operation management, consulting and analytics with its services ranging across a broad array of industries like insurance, healthcare, banking & financial services, utilities, travel, transportation & logistics.

Reduced data
Fastest Growing FMCG Brand Streamlines Sales Data And Reporting System With MSBI And Power BI

Our client is an Indian food delivery company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is India's largest and fastest-growing food services company, with a network of 1400+ restaurants...

Reduced data
Largest Indian B2B Marketplace Optimizes Sales Reporting With Amazon Redshift & Microsoft Power BI

Our client is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in India. Different segments of buyers and suppliers starting from SMEs, MSMEs to large corporates and even individuals use the platform...


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Frequently Asked Questions

A business intelligence consulting company like Polestar Solutions will help you extract, refine, and prepare data through data analysis to make data-powered decisions and enhance your organization's internal procedures. Our BI consultants accelerate your business process by getting an at-a-glance analysis and drawing conclusions based on that. This speeds up your business decision-making in real-time and provides rich data-driven insights.

To enhance operational performance and boost revenue, a majority of business intelligence specialists work in medium-to-large private enterprises. However, educational and law enforcement institutions require these professionals. Any industry, from power tools to cosmetics can be represented among small businesses to well-established businesses that might employ BI analysts.

A report on the gaps in the existing practices, identification business cases for BI and recommendation for tech-stack, tools and data integration for getting the relevant business insights

As a part of our business consulting workshop, we provide a comprehensive report on current business practices, BI technique arrangements aligned with corporate strategy, what issues will the BI technology address, and how new cycles will uphold the existing ones We will evaluate your project necessities to help you with best merchants, design configuration, required manpower, etc. to accomplish required business results.

The Bi consulting workshops entail a review and evaluation of business requirements and the existing state of your analytics infrastructure. Further, we will conduct a detailed discussion on the understanding of your business objectives, areas of improvement, and revenue goals. Our BI consultants will guide you with the best technology stack for your enterprise considering the current state of mind.

Our team of professionals is equipped with a sound understanding of data analytics, BI, and knowledge of ETL processes & data warehousing. We have in-house industry-proven expertise in reporting, dashboards, and modern BI solutions. We will require business users from your end who would interact with the BI platform frequently. Also, decision-makers who would like to review dashboards and reports would play an important role to formulate business strategy. C-level executives can set up expectations and timely realization of benefits.

BI Consulting empowers organizations to determine & monitor relevant KPIs (finances, sales, operations) from different business units across the organization. BI Consultation lays major focus on customer behaviour and shopping patterns, streamlines all processes and impacts your revenue.

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