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Infusing Scalability & Faster Decision-Making With A Cloud Data Platform For Storing, Modeling & Analyzing Data.

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Today’s borderless & agile businesses demand infrastructure that supports scalability & fast pace decision making. In lieu of this, they need a platform that can handle the large data set for real-time visibility & analysis while avoiding any concurrency problems.

Snowflake’s cloud-based data warehouse offers secure & independent compute, storage & cloud services layer that is logically integrated, hence delivering better performance & eliminating any scalability or concurrency issues.

As a Snowflake solution partner, we help companies assess their data management needs & quantify their storage requirements. If you have an on-premise data warehouse, our cloud & data experts help you migrate without any downtime or loss of data or logic. Further, our data science team enables data analysis & visualization for quick decision-making to maximize the returns on your investment.

Our Snowflake Offerings

Data Migration
Data Migration

Migration can be tricky, and your organization can’t afford downtime. Our experts help you migrate the on-premise data or cloud DB to Snowflake without any downtime or loss of information. Subsequently, our consultants guide you in identifying the different sources and formats of data to bring into the snowflake environment to gain most out of the implementation.

Data Architecture & Modelling
Data Architecture & Modelling

Robust data architecture is key to any data platform. Our experienced data architects first develop an understanding of your business processes, then virtual data warehouses basis the user requirements. Next, our data modeling consultant prepares you to derive more from this data that transpires into tangible business value.

Data Visualization & Reporting
Data Visualization & Reporting

Your data story should be complete, not fragmented. Our team of business intelligence experts comprises of business consultants, data analysts & data scientists with expertise on Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, and other leading platforms. We help you visualize & report valuable, timely & actionable insights in your native Snowflake environment.

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